The Innovative and Budget-Friendly Skincare Tools Dominating the Industry, Brought to You by Spa Sciences

Since its launch, Spa Sciences, the high-tech but affordable skincare tool company, has grown itself a considerable following. With over 1 million followers on Instagram, the brand has proven that its products deserve the praise they’ve been receiving. Spa Sciences was co-founded by Michael Friend and his business partners, Lewis Hendler and Lila Friend, all of whom have experience from a prior brand they worked on together, Michael Todd Beauty.

The trial and error that went into the first company was a big help in learning the secrets to scaling, and it’s paid off for expanding Spa Sciences. At this point, Michael has become an expert businessman and knows where to find opportunities for success. However, he can’t take all the credit and makes a point to share the spotlight with his team of professionals.

Putting together a team that’s able to work together smoothly and effectively was a goal of Michael’s, and though he ran into some issues while doing so, he eventually curated a group that has used their creativity to do great things. Many of those great things include the products that Spa Sciences has on their website, which are not only a great price but provide customers with apparent results in as little as a week.

One of their best-selling products is the NOVA, a cleansing brush that uses sonic technology to vibrate the bristles instead of spinning them, which can harm the skin via tugging. The brush is also waterproof, rechargeable, has a two-hour battery life, beeps after 20 seconds to alert the user to switch areas, and has three intensity settings to choose from. 

These features have gained the NOVA a rating of 4.7, as well as almost 400 written reviews, which praise the results customers saw after only a short while of use. Actress and producer Eva Longoria has even posted about her interest in the product, showing that on top of the everyday person, celebrities also enjoy the luxury feel Spa Sciences’ products can give for a low price. 

Another one of the best selling products is the SIMA, a sonic dermaplaning device that removes peach fuzz, build-up, debris, and dead skin. SIMA is a cost-efficient, painless solution for hair removal and the 4.8-star rating speaks for itself. Many customers raved about the smoothness of their skin after using this product, and it’s thanks to the 250+ movements per second.

As time goes by, Michael and the rest of the team at Spa Sciences are continuing their expansion of the company and its number of products. A couple of things fans of the brand can look out for in the coming new year include a sonic lip plumper and an epilator, both of which are set to release in the near future.

To see Spa Sciences’ products more in-depth, head over to their website, The company is also very active on their Instagram, @SpaSciences, where they post updates on what they’re working on.