The Next Generation of Celebrity Entrepreneurs: Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu

Behind each successful innovation are individuals who took the initiative and dared to penetrate the risky environment. Most innovators are driven by zeal and curiosity to explore new areas and try new ideas. Such was the case for Australia’s youngest self made millionaires, Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu. Fotios and Alan ventured into the business world at a very young age and tried out several ideas they had in mind.

Little Known Facts About Fotios and Alan

Fotios and Alan are well known in Melbourne, just like celebrities. Nevertheless, their entrepreneurship skills have differentiated them from other celebrities like rappers and actors. Having to leverage their achievements, press, and their club businesses has attracted a diverse range of people who curiously want to learn and find solutions from these gurus. The young generation identifies with Fotios and Alan by the nightclubs they own and more so by being in the tech industry. You will quickly notice their presence when in shopping centers because they are usually surrounded by people who recognize them. 

What is Their Strategic Marketing Approach?

Following the formation of a business partnership between Fotios and Alan, they took digital platforms by surprise and have become the most influential young tech entrepreneurs in Melbourne and role models for many. With the establishment of Kickspan – a website that was created as a basic growth service for social media that involved clients signing up for cheap software, they have developed automated software-based marketing solutions, a success resulting from their combined yet diverse range of skills. From this, they gained over 12,000 clients in under 24 months and built a $5m business in their teens, generating 6-figures of monthly subscription based profit.

Through their business in 2015-2018, they sold over 100 apps at a total of $360,000 through a website called The revenues enabled them to build a team of employees and marketers to stir up the apps’ sales, thus automating the business. 

One of their sales was an app collection “Math Academy” which sold for $26,000 to a businessman in Dubai. They became high-ticket sellers by providing a video course with a proven model alongside each app sale teaching the buyers how to advertise and effectively monetize apps to make profits online. This was “where the value was, since people want to learn how to earn from apps, not just buy them.”

The strategic marketing approach of using celebrities to push their products has made them achieve significant milestones. Having superstars as their brand ambassadors have made their advertising strategy a complete success. When launching Clout the game, Fotios and Alan collaborated with artists like Supreme Patty, XXXTENTACION, and YBN Nahmir. Clout the game is an outcome of a collaboration between them and their partner, Kuei Kuei. Clout the game was rated at the top 10 apps in 2018 in the App Store in the USA. 

Furthermore, the Clout Franchise extends to Clout Tv, and Clout records, which, if searched online, has over 100,000 subscribers and followers. 

Focusing on helping young children aged between 3-6 years old, the two gurus have innovated Tiny Town, an app comprising ten different concepts to help children learn through fun, innovative, and educational arcade games. They also launched the Metropolis Greek learning app. 

(Fotios showing off the Metropolis learning app)

The duo also uses a portion of the funds to invest into Real Estate and other businesses with their umbrella company AF Group – these included starting Melbourne’s biggest nightclubs, investing in buildings in Melbourne’s CBD, offices, and more! 

After developing their personal brand in Melbourne leveraging their diverse business portfolio for funding and publicity,  the duo are quickly becoming some of Melbourne’s biggest celebrity entrepreneurs.

Children know them for their apps, adults know them for their nightclubs, business owners know them for their software solutions, and the general public for their high-profile success.

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