The Power of the Mind; In the Spotlight: J. Anomaly

There is something therapeutic about the feeling of getting in the car, rolling up the windows, and blasting up a favorite soundtrack while driving to work or any other place. The ability of powerful and energetic music to transform and lift one’s mood within minutes is terrific. It is the healing power of the bass and the mind-blowing composure of lyrics that soothe a person’s mind and temporarily relieves them from any stress or fret they might be facing.

Music has been scientifically proven to have a powerful effect on the human brain. It has been used in every culture and is often connected with properties that reduce stress, pain, and anxiety. More than that, recent studies have discovered the effect that certain music and genres have on human minds. One music genre that is said to have self-development properties is Hip-Hop or Rap.

Hip-Hop, without a doubt, has won the 21st century. Its ability to relate with the current generation and give a voice to their thoughts is why the majority feel a natural inclination towards this genre. Raps specifically are said to be the pop-culture game changer and work as weapons for those who are interested in exploring human nature in all its aspects.

An artist, music producer, and an overall creative who has used raps to convey his thoughts to the world is J. Anomaly. Having entered the music world just two years ago in 2018, this young talent’s self-written and composed music is a breath of fresh air!

Born in New Haven on February 22, 2000, Jacob Alexander Spell, better known as J. Anomaly, has showed keen interest and propensity towards music. Jacob had a shy nature. He was not outspoken or chaotic like other children his age normally would be. He was rather a calm, composed, and silent kid, who was always pensive.

Due to an early love for basketball and an interest in health science, Jacob attended Dr. Cortlandt V.R Creed Health and Sports Sciences High School. For many, high school is the time for large crowds, parties, and high school drama. Jacob was far away from all these activities and instead found solace in his alone time, discovering his creative side. So, he began penning down his thoughts, which turned into raps. At this time, he realized that he had an amazing artistic side.

The Healing Power of a Creative Mind

Creativity works in perplexing and often paradoxical ways. It has been proven that creative individuals do not just bring a different perspective to things; they genuinely perceive things differently than the average individual. According to psychology, creative personalities are difficult to pin down substantially because they are complex and do not follow a habit or a set routine. Similar was the case of Jacob. Now that he had discovered his ability to write music, he decided to delve deeper into the field of music. Following the music of Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole, Jacob drew inspiration from them to create fresh and new music that reflected his thoughts.

As Jacob was an introvert, he aimed to write lyrics that would serve as a voice for his hidden thoughts.

Before entering into the music industry, he chose his stage name, ‘J. Anomaly’. This name exactly defined his personality: being a deviation from the norm. He launched his own music label by the name of ‘Elm to Ivy Records,’ under which he released his first album, ‘A Moment Shared.’ This album, consisting of 11 tracks, was released in 2019, and the two tracks that gained a lot of popularity were ‘Fo Sho’ and ‘Michael Jawdin.

J. Anomaly’s raps possessed immensely powerful yet soulful lyrics. They emotionally moved his listeners and have received a hugely positive outcome from the masses. Such a reaction has inspired Jacob to work on his second album. It is a continuation of the ‘Moment’ series and is named ‘A Moment Lost.’ This album is based on how he views life itself. He believes that every person is gifted with a brief moment on this earth to live and share their lives with others. So, it is completely up to each person how they perceive things and get inspired by them.

Jacob’s talent does not stop at music. He is also an incredible designer. He uses his creative powers and develops amazing illustrations that loudly speak what many people have on their mind. He owns a clothing brand that is for purchase on his website, Just like he creates his music from scratch, every small detail in his apparel line has been chosen by him – an all-exclusive deal for his fans!

Currently, Jacob is working on expanding his website through his clothing line and a blog section. He intends to feature other talented artists in his blogs, which would help them grow. He is also a full-time student at Yale, majoring in Psychology. Although things tend to get messy and hectic, Jacob always finds time for his passion.

Jacob states: ‘At the end of the day, I aspire to be a CREATIVE and break new grounds. I spent 20 years lost in the ‘simulation.’ Now I have finally found reality!