The Sometimes Island’s “Succulent” Is A Lush Landscape Of Love

“Succulent” song by the music band, “The Sometimes Island” shows the unconditional love that a person shows for other people in a relationship. The song lyrics are inspired by adopting a rescue pet. “Succulent” single was released on May 23, 2019, in the EP titled, Bad People.

The songwriter ‘Matt Blankenship Jr.’ has done great work in writing the deep and touchy lyrics for the song. “Succulent” single by The Sometimes Island is a lush landscape of love. It highlights the importance of unconditional love for those who cannot take care of themselves on their own. 

“Succulent” song has received a positive response from fans at live performances. It shows that the treatment we offer to others is a reflection of our ability to love. The Sometimes Island and the songwriter, Matt Blankenship Jr. have done a splendid job to make this song. Succulent throws light on the subject that the purest form of love exists involuntarily.

The single conveys that there is a grand imperfection in the world and this is what highlights the true beauty in everyday life. The philosophy of the song says that beauty only exists because there is ugliness in the world. The highest form of it is seen in protecting the loved ones from the harsh realities of the world.

Succulents are hardy plants that thrive only under the dry and difficult to survive in climates. The song has drawn a comparison between succulents and human relationships. The lyrics say the point of living truly is by only giving without expecting in return. When a person helps another helpless person then it leads to the release of an instant dopamine hit in the mind. Listen to the song “Succulent” by clicking the links below.

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