This is What Research Says About Weight Loss

Weight loss has attracted a lot of interest from scientists as the incidence of overweight and obesity keeps increasing, affecting adults and children, and losing weight is difficult. Scientific evidence confirms that losing extra body fat is hard and the risk of regaining the lost weight is high. They have estimated the proportion of individuals who lose weight and successfully maintain the weight loss to be as low as 1% to 3%.

Here is what some of the latest research says about weight loss

Avoid common weight loss diets

Many people struggle to lose weight because of the restrictive diets that are not easy to maintain. When they lose weight at all, they end up binging on unhealthy foods again. It is better to aim for health and get weight loss as a benefit.

Plant foods

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and legumes has been found to promote health while providing less calories and it helps to lose weight fast and keep it gone. They provide the calories needed for energy but release it slowly, meaning that a person does not feel the sugar-high and the sugar crush that comes from high-calorie foods. The food is also rich in fiber which stays longer in the gut and gives the feeling of being full. Therefore, these foods prevent the need for high-calorie snacks and weight loss results.


Scientists have discovered that drinking water before a meal leads to weight loss. Water gives the feeling of being full and leads to the consumption of less food. It also improves metabolism for up to 3 hours after a meal.

High-protein diet

It is said that avoiding breakfast cereals and having eggs or some other proteins will prevent consumption of too many calories leading to weight loss. Having a huge portion of protein in other meals also controls how many calories are being taken in. Vegans can get their protein from legumes such as lentils, chick peas and all types of beans.

High calorie foods

Evidence says people can cut back on calories and actually lose weight if they avoid sugared foods and refined carbohydrates. They can then eat small portions of complex carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes and whole grains.

Particularly it’s been found that high-fructose corn syrup leads to weight gain and even obesity, belly fat and too many triglycerides in the blood more than sugar. By avoiding all products containing high-fructose corn syrup, people can lose weight.

Fast foods

Scientists have found that people can achieve weight loss on fast foods if they choose foods that are low in sodium and calories. Such foods are easier to find in Mexican, Japanese, Korean and Chinese outlets.

Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting has been found to be effective for weight loss as the body is forced to burn fat for energy during the fasting period.

Healthy snacks

Eating healthy snacks such whole fruits, baby carrots and nuts has been found to aid with weight loss as this avoids empty calories in regular snacks.


Exercise is work and it helps to burn calories and to increase metabolism. The best for weight loss is aerobic exercise which includes cycling, walking, jogging, stationary biking and swimming. Resistance exercise, such as weight lifting, has been found to increase metabolism, prevent muscle loss and even increase muscle mass.


Sleeping for at least 7 hours per day has been linked to weight loss. That is because sleep is related to insulin, leptin, cortisol and ghrelin production all of which play a role in the metabolism of fat and the feeling of hunger. More sleep means less fat storage, less hunger pangs and less weight gain.

Food addiction

Getting professional help for food addiction helps to lose weight. If weight gain is due to inability to stay away from food and eating too much, then a person may be suffering from food addiction, an emotional and mental health problem.


Scientist say genes contribute to weight gain in only 10% of the population. They cannot be blamed for the high increase in overweight and obesity (about 2/3 of the population in the U.S. and U.K) in the past few decades. There is evidence that humans have more control over their gene expression and how it affects weight and they can lose weight through the choices they make.

Weight loss supplements

While people are doing all the right things to lose weight, diet pills, probiotics and fat burners have been found to help accelerate weight loss. One such supplement is Shed Fast which increases metabolism, controls cravings and appetite, increases energy and lifts the mood.

The bottom line

It is difficult to lose weight but it can be done successfully through a combination of a healthy diet, exercise, supplementing, sleeping well and getting psychotherapy.