Tino Taupe – From broke college-student to 7 figure entrepreneur

When we think of entrepreneurs, we often think of people who had the perfect conditions to start their business. However, this is not always the case. More than half of today’s entrepreneurs are self-made entrepreneurs. They have built their success through their own work and resources. Tino Taupe is one of them. The Austrian grew up in the small town called Klagenfurt. He attended school, finished his high school diploma and began to study.

Already at the beginning of his studies, however, Tino realized that he was not at the right place. He had the feeling that he was taught a lot of theory and little practice. Even before his studies he knew that he could not imagine himself working in a 9 to 5 job for the next 40-50 years. He wanted to be his own boss and decide for himself if he would work in an office, in a home office or even in the Caribbean. Giving up was therefore never an option for the young entrepreneur, even when things got tough.

Network marketing was at the beginning a foreign word for Tino before he got a new haircut. By chance he was made aware of this field at his hairdresser’s salon. He immediately noticed that he had a lot of enthusiasm for this field. He knew that this was the right way to finally make his dreams come true. He attended his first event and continued to educate himself about the network industry every day.

The first years for Tino were not easy. He drove almost 1 million kilometers to attend meetings and also had to give up many things that his college students enjoyed such as parties and video games. He also gave up holidays at first to concentrate fully on his business. His goal was to be able to live a carefree life and work from anywhere in the world.

As it turned out, his plan worked. Within a few years he had managed to build up more than 70,000 partners and customers in the network industry. After only 2 years of study he was able to say goodbye to his college, as he earned more as an entrepreneur than any of his college professors. Tino also spoke in front of thousands of people on many international stages in cities like Paris or Las Vegas. The young entrepreneur also had several events in Germany, Switzerland and Austria in one year.

In 2014 Tino was then nominated as the youngest 7 Figure Earner in Europe. He also received awards as the Top Recruiter and the Fastest 7 Figure Earner in his company. On Instagram the entrepreneur is followed by over 24 thousand people. He also has several thousand followers on other social media such as Facebook or Youtube.

If Tino’s way was easy?  No way! The entrepreneur had to give up a lot and set his priorities to get where he is today. He had, however, from the beginning a vision with him that helped him on his way. The vision of not being dependent on an employer and to live a self-determined life. The vision to be financially free and to educate others about this field. These thoughts will be the building the base for Tino’s future online university, where he will show as many people as possible how they can become financially free and create their own business with their passion.