Todd Stephenson: The Spirited World Famous Entrepreneur Behind The Expansion Of The Vast Industry Of Custom Products

Todd Stephenson is one of those businessmen who has changed the e-commerce industry for the better.

Setting the right example to all the American entrepreneurs and also to all other young businessmen around the world is a man of intelligence, dynamism & innovations. He is Todd Stephenson from Naples, Florida and an entrepreneur still under 30. He is the mastermind behind changing the e-commerce space for the better with his company called “PupSocks” based in Atlanta that works day & night to offer its customers custom made products so distinctive that it captures their hearts. This is because Todd and his business partner make custom made socks with pet faces that have already created a rage in all of America for their quirkiness & uniqueness.

The company works by capturing images of its client’s pets and carving out a final product in the form of socks, ties and blankets that becomes an instant hit amongst all. In their initial six months in the business PupSocks made a whopping over 200,000 pairs of customized socks, and since then the company has only seen an upward trend in their growth.

Before Todd & his business partner started PupSocks, they used to run bakeries in Florida, but after knowing the surge of the e-commerce industry, both of them decided to start their own e-commerce stores. After running many such e-commerce stores, they decided to specialise their business with offerings that were custom products as they saw a huge rise in the demand for the same. Later, they became one of the best in offering custom made printed socks with pet faces that impressed all of their customers massively.

Starting from stuffed bears and camping accessories, they soon optimized the bloom in the custom product industry by launching custom socks with images of a man’s best friend- dogs and this caught the attention of many.

Todd completed his studies from the University of Central Florida (UCF) with a specialization in marketing, and this somehow has really helped Todd with his business ventures along with his growing experiences as an entrepreneur.

Todd is also a nobleman with a gentle heart who with his business partner thinks & works for pets in need. They work along with organizations that promise to make the lives of pets much better by providing them with proper shelter, food and also look after their adoption, vet facilities, etc.

The renowned Indian Entrepreneur, Educationist and Businessman, Romy Johnson, lives in Canada. He is the founder and owner of Cool Gurus, Xaare, Fames Media, British India Academy and serves as the CEO as well of these companies. Facebook and Instagram – @RomyJohnsonOfficial. He interviewed and hosted Todd Stephenson on Forbes, who is the co-founder of “PupSocks”, America’s growing custom sock company.

This generous attitude of Todd and his company and their drive to work for the community is something that is unmatched to others in the industry and makes one respect them more as a powerful team that brings about a smile on numerous clients and their pets.

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