TOKIT: Modernizing Home Kitchens Across the Globe

When it comes to home upgrades, one of the most popular rooms to revamp is the kitchen. That is, the appearance and major appliances in the kitchen. Utensils, flatware, plates, and small appliances tend to be replaced every now and then or when necessary.

Technology has given rise to smart homes, and this includes the kitchen. Refrigerators have touch screens and popular multi cookers have Bluetooth capability. TOKIT is a smart kitchen appliance brand designed to make cooking easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable for a modern era.

TOKIT’s new flagship product, the OmniCook, is a multifunctional “smart chef” that has undergone three years of research and development. This innovation will be a welcome addition to kitchens all over the world thanks to its variety of features and ease of use.

The OmniCook is a compact but mighty machine that provides the functions of 21 small appliances in one unit. This will save space, time, and it means less items to clean! Speaking of cleaning, the OmniCook comes with a pre-cleaning mode and removes stains with the press of a button. The days of a grand meal taking hours of time and a lot of effort to prepare will soon be a thing of the past, freeing you up to enjoy the food you prepared.

Home chefs don’t even need to monitor times or settings anymore, the OmniCook does it all. It can even help you figure out what’s for dinner. The unit comes pre-programmed with thousands of recipes in its Cloud Recipe Database. Owners have lifetime access to this enormous variety of choices for easy meals and cooking guidance.

Even if you have never made Chicken Marsala, the Omni Cook will walk you through the prep and ingredients then takes over the cooking process. The result:A classic dinner that rivals what you can get in a restaurant.

This innovative all-in-one solution is truly a global-game changer among smart kitchen technology. If you are ready to truly modernize your kitchen, TOKIT’s OmniCook is a must-have for beginners to seasoned pros. If you’re interested in getting one, head over to Kickstarterand purchase your very own TOKIT Omni Cook!