Tokyo, the Latest Song by the Producer ‘SEHEMYRE’ is an Instrumental Song with Deep Emotions

The young artist ‘SEHEMYRE’ has produced a new song ‘Tokyo’ which is receiving a positive response from its listeners. ‘Tokyo’, trap music from rising Venezuelan artist is an instrumental song without any vocals. Listeners from across the world and his fans are appreciating the music of the song. And people have been leaving positive comments on his Instagram platform.

SEHEMYRE, known by the original name Renny Hernandez, began learning music when he was 6 and he would love to do freestyle. He has a deep interest in a variety of music such as Tame Impala, Psychedelic Rock, the Beatles, etc. In his music career, SEHEMYRE has worked with many artists namely Slimedollaz, Diego Money, SwagHollywood, Rewind Raps, BootyChain, and TommyCraze.

He has been producing the songs since the age of 14, and has produced some popular numbers like “Boss bitch” by la zowi. And he knows the secrets of making available exciting tracks for his target audience. Moreover, he is not just a producer, but an artist too in many of his songs.

Tokyo’ song released on youtube in the March month and its views have been increasing continuously at a good pace. He has used real human experiences such as heartbreak, loss or doubt in producing the song ‘Tokyo’. Due to his deep understanding of music, he has gained immense popularity among various artists and they consult him for working on their songs.