Tony “Super” Chang Shares his Journey To Success with Super Jewelry Co

“Life truly is a game and those who put themselves out there to play will get hurt the most but will end up winning sooner or later.” A Life of uncertainty has formed Tony Chang into the forward-thinking optimist he is today. Spending most of his life searching for peace and freedom both spiritually and fiscally, Chang has melded an entrepreneurial career out of the life lessons and experiences he has learned from over the years. Now at the head of Super Jewelry Co, Tony Chang is looking for mass expansion of his company’s message.

While pursuing his graduate degree, Tony Chang found himself a copy of Robert Kiyosaki’s finance book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. Making the realization that he longed for financial freedom, Chang dropped out of university to pursue something more. First, he decided he needed to work on himself, for himself. Chang recalled, “I went through mental breakdowns because I was so used to being an employee, but, when I got into business for myself, I literally had to put my old-self and mentality to death.” Stepping forward as a new man, the hopeful entrepreneur found a new devotion to the jewelry industry while working for Ablaze International.

Working odd jobs while trying to find himself, events and chance encounters began falling into place for Tony Chang. An introduction to the CEO of Ablaze International, a well-established jewelry company, gave Chang the push in the right direction he truly needed. After spending six years with ablaze, he took his newfound knowledge and appreciation for the jewelry industry into the founding of Super Jewelry Co. Forming a brand identity around providing the best and most authentic experience for their clients, Super Jewelry Co has become a significant player in the selling of 10K, 14K, and custom gold jewelry. “I put myself out there for the world to see. I get back to my clients within 24 hours after they have contacted me. I make it easy for them to do business with me by interacting with them as I would a friend,” shares Chang.

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