Top 3 Tips for success in entrepreneurship from Vuuzle Media Corp Founder Ronnie Flynn

The elusive dream of success. Many people aspire to be successful, but not many are willing to do the work required. We often hear of individuals who have given up on dreams of achieving a purpose or aim because they do not make an effort or are unwilling to put in the work. Vuuzle founder and celebrity entrepreneur Ronnie Flynn knows what it means to put in the work. He has shared from his experiences some tips for success.  

Be Passionate 

Despite the cliché, if you are not passionate about something you wish to do, you won’t have the desire and drive to complete it. “My passion for making Vuuzle TV number one goes far beyond 8 hours a day. My first step in building Vuuzle was so important as it became the foundation for the rhythm section for what was to come in the future of the company.”  

Work with The Right People 

Flynn also emphasizes the importance of working with the right people. For Vuuzle, that meant finding people who didn’t take themselves seriously. “I learned that building a successful team is about finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills who like to laugh and play. The fact is every person with whom I interviewed and hired all enjoyed humor. Bottom line, humor keeps things in perspective, helps dispel negative emotions, and puts the Vuuzle team in a frame of mind that helps them better cope with the day-to-day situations of film and television.”

Having people who are the right fit for your organization means that you can feed off their energy. It also helps to encourage trust and loyalty.  

Face the Challenges Head-on

Even with the right people and a passion for the work you do, challenges will always come around. How an entrepreneur deals with these challenges will determine if they are successful. Flynn relates that in the recent pandemic, Vuuzle has faced many challenges. “Unfortunately, through the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to deal with jealousy and people trying to take the company down.” Notwithstanding this, he and his company have continued to push through the noise and disruptions. “The ability to laugh, listen to music, and trust the people I hired to be as good as they could and learn from me is how we overcame jealousy and haters who would do anything to see Vuuzle fail. I often look at myself as a professional laugher. I have always tried to cultivate a happy state of mind, appreciating the opportunities this existence God gave me.”

Flynn continues to experience success with Vuuzle. He has signed contracts with Roku and Smaato and continues to make decisions that will give his company an edge in the future. “I became successful in my personal life and with Vuuzle Media Corp. I knew I had the right to feel a sense of pride about it. My personal strength comes from regarding my enemies as my best teachers. My mother taught me that love and compassion should be held in high esteem and that practice of tolerance was essential in life. My father said every fight requires an enemy, and we must be grateful to our enemies because they help us best stimulate a serene mind!”