Tourists of Glacier National Park Slammed for Leaving Trash Everywhere

Glacier National Park has strict sign boards placed at different intervals which requests the tourist to “take only pictures of the park and leave only footprints on the park when they depart from there.”

Unfortunately the tourists are not adhering to the orders and instead are leaving behind heaps of trash. This was posted on the official Facebook page of the park by their authorities where they chastised tourists for allegedly leaving behind heaps of trash and ignoring the old environmentalist adage at the Glacier National Park.

It was reported in NBC Montana few weeks ago that the park officials found that tourists had whacked golf balls off the landmark while going to the Sun Road during a traffic delay.

Moreover, the park’s official Facebook page on Tuesday ended up sharing a meme juxtaposing garbage dumpsters and a gorgeous vista of the great outdoors. The representatives of the national wrote – “Please Don’t mix these two up! Ensure that you pack out or dispose off anything that you bring into the national park in a proper trash receptacle.”

They requested the tourist not to hit golf balls into canyons and valleys or leave the used diapers on the sides of trails and a strict no to toss the apple core. They wrote you may think all such acts are natural but eventually they are spoiling the beauty of the park. The note concluded with – “National parks have been called as America’s best idea. Please don’t treat them like a garbage can.”

Lauren Alley, a spokeswoman of the Park, said that the golf ball incident is under investigation. She further added that law enforcement calls to Glacier are up 40 percent over last year.

This environmentally friendly post so far has been widely applauded and has garnered more than 9,400 likes and 5,300 shares. Several comments were received where well wishers claimed that recently they picked up discarded fruit peels, food wrappers, water bottles, tissues, plastic bags, cigarettes, clothing and more from the Glacier as well as and other national parks.