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Training for Emerging Artists by Jimmy Boss, with the Support of his new Platform

Jimmy boss is a 25 year old entrepreneur who has many strings to his bow. Indeed, known now for a few years as “Manager of shadow artists” with his agency Shadow Management and his label Shadow Records, he decides never to communicate the names of his artists. Communication call? Story telling? Marketing? In any case, since 2016, everything has been successful for this young entrepreneur. After having made a lot of talk about him on the networks since some very big artists had started to use his name as a Hashtag, we know that he is more and more transparent on his convictions and, since the beginning of 2020, begins to deliver everywhere on the web thanks to interviews he gives. He even decides to open his own website in order for several young musical talents to send him compositions.

Since 2020, he communicates on networks that he releases a training : “how to succeed in music in 2020 : Successful Artist” only available on request, we tried for you and we give you our opinion.

That’s not all. Jimmy Boss will launch Outsiders.TV, an Instagram page supporting young artists and allowing them to win huge rewards that will allow them to break even faster.

Is music your passion and you want to make it your career? But, you seem lost…

Maybe you are wondering:

“How can I stand out against the thousands of professional artists who are hit the national and international scene?”

“What can I do to make my tubes stand out?”

First, you have talent, that’s your best asset, Jimmy says. You’ll just need a little help to make a living from your music.

A successful producer and entrepreneur, Jimmy Boss, has set up a training program to support artists and music enthusiasts on their journey.

Trainer in the recording industry, Jimmy Boss is an ambitious producer entrepreneur who is passionate about music.

He managed to make a place for himself in the musical world thanks to his talents, his ambition, his will to succeed and his network. Friend of the stars, he has known the world of music for years.

By creating his own label and artist management agency, the entrepreneur quickly achieved real success. The proof : his numerous gold and platinum disc certifications which he keeps secret with Shadow Records / Shadow Management : the story-telling begins …

At the moment, Jimmy Boss is sharing his rich experience with all artists by providing numerous advice through the “Successful Artist” training.

This is a Music Business training course aimed at helping talented artists who want to make a splash. Whether you are a beginner or developing musician, group or producer, he gradually gives you all the instructions you need to reach your goal of making a success of your musical journey. The training is provided exclusively online ON DEMAND. From home, you can enjoy it comfortably in front of your computer. 

You can follow him on Instagram @outsider,, and contact him via his website

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