TRUiC Shows the Quickest Most Affordable Way to File a DBA

When done right filing a DBA can be an inexpensive and straightforward process

TRUiC can get you closer to filing your DBA in 3 easy steps  

1. Learn about State specific regulations

Choose the state you will be filing your doing business as name. Each state has specific laws and guidelines that apply to the registration of a DBA so it would be helpful to do a state specific search beforehand. That way you can be certain that you know at which level of government you should register which may vary from state to state.

 For example, if you are a sole proprietor you might need to file at county government level in one state and at state level in another or at a combination of both government levels in another state depending on the type of your business entity as well.

If you need help finding this state specific information you can use the step-by-step search tools that TRUiC provides for your DBA filing process.

2. Choose a unique DBA name

When choosing your doing business as name it is important to make sure it is available and not taken by another business entity. Also it is advisable to select a name that is not too similar to any other business name in your state in order to avoid confusion and not to be deemed misleading. 

Also in conjunction with step number 1, you should make sure that when choosing your doing business as name you are complying to all of the state naming requirements so your name is not only available but also valid.

The easiest way to find out which names are already taken in the state that you are registering your DBA is to go online and use your government county clerk’s or secretary of state’s website (which is usually a free service) and search for DBA name availability.

When searching for a unique doing business as name for your business it would be advisable to match your DBA name to your domain name, even if you are just starting out and are not immediately planning on getting a website. Ensuring you have a domain name that is the same as the name you are operating and doing business with can be beneficial for your online presence and in turn your business’s overall visibility.

You can use the state specific guide by TRUiC to understand the rules and regulations that apply to naming a DBA so your name is valid. You can also use their business name generator if you need help coming up with a compelling business name and / or your domain name.

3. Actually filing for a DBA

Now that you’ve done your research on state specific regulations and carefully chosen your DBA name, the final step of the process is actually registering your doing business as name with the government county clerk or secretary of state depending on your business structure i.e an informal or formal business structure (sole proprietorship, general partnership, LLC, corporation etc) and your location.

When filing your DBA many states will charge you a filing fee that can range anywhere from $10 up to $100 depending on where you are registering and at which level of government.

Some states also have a publication requirement, where you are obligated to publish your doing business as name in a local paper, notifying the public that you are now operating under this assumed business name and that this name is associated with your business entity.

TRUiC can guide you through all 3 steps with free access to their online business name generator tool and state specific DBA guides, as mentioned in the steps above, along with anything else you might need to know on how to file a DBA quickly and cost effectively.