Tutus Kurniati – Making a Mark in Fashion by Offering an Exclusive Luxury Clothing Line

Luxury fashion revolves around high-end clothing and accessories created and developed by prominent fashion brands that cater to the needs of celebrities, socialites, politicians, and other influential people. Luxury and celebrity fashion is unique because it offers exclusive clothes and accessories to clients to set new fashion trends rather than following others. Celebrities are usually fashion trendsetters because the public follows their style and fashion tastes. Celebrity and luxury fashion are synonymous due to their similar elements and components. Prominent fashion hubs like London, Milan, Paris, and New York also create new fashion trends worldwide. However, many emerging cities outside the western world are also making a mark in the fashion world by offering platforms for numerous designers and brands. Cities like Dubai are making a difference in the fashion world by enabling celebrities to access fashion brands and stores in the Middle East.

Dubai is one of the primary sources of fashion trends, clothing, and accessories in the Middle East and an emerging fashion capital. People can access some of the most prominent fashion brands in Dubai while satiating their desire for luxury clothing. Dubai has one of the trendiest and most happening fashion scenes mainly because of the presence of numerous fashion brands and the significant influx of international celebrities, businesspersons, socialites, and travelers. Dubai is ideal for entrepreneurs to establish their businesses due to the favorable business environment and friendly government policies. However, despite the opportunities, few have the tenacity to take risks and develop a flourishing business. Dubai is an ideal city for fashion brands and outlets because of the constant presence of celebrities and fashion icons. The favorable environment and a rapidly growing appetite for fashion brands compelled Tutus Kurniati to establish her namesake Celebrities’ Choice fashion concept store in Dubai.

The Celebrities’ Choice fashion concept store is a refreshing change in the Dubai fashion scene because it caters to the unique needs of celebrities and other prominent socialites or influential people regarding luxury fashion clothing and accessories. Although the Tutus Kurniati store offers an array of clothes and accessories from 44 renowned designers, the primary focus is on resort wear. Tutus Kurniati opened the store to offer clothes that women could wear in any resort town worldwide. Tutus Kurniati promotes prominent and emerging designers by offering their unique designs and products to clients for offline and online purchases. The availability of numerous renowned designers under a single brand significantly increases the choices for clients according to their preferences. The differentiating factor for the unique store is that fashion aficionados, celebrities, politicians, socialites, and other influencers can access clothes and accessories, especially resort wear, from a single outlet.

The Celebrities’ Choice fashion concept store differs from other luxury brands and stores because it is a concept store revolving around celebrities and other influential people and their needs for resort wear. The store sells numerous products from about 44 designers through online and offline models. Some prominent designers available at the concept store include Diana Ahadpour, Biljana Tipsarevic, Seykhan Jewelry, Zhivago, Azzaia, La Reveche, Bohoomon, Helen Yarmak, Alexandre Vauthier, Kel Designer Dresses, Sol by Irena Soprano, Lerushka, Bronx and Banco, and Kobura. The Tutus Kurniati store offers clothing and accessories under several categories, including skirts, body suits, pants, dresses, jackets, blouses, jumpsuits, tops, and resort wear. However, resort wear is the store’s primary focus because of the limited availability in other stores. Clients can also purchase numerous accessories from the Celebrities’ Choice fashion concept store, including earrings, sunglasses, belts, shoes, bags, ear clips, and more. Tutus Kurniati opened her namesake celebrity fashion store in the auspicious Nakheel Mall in the Palm – Jumeirah neighborhood to increase access to the influential clientele in Dubai.

Tutus Kurniati is an Indonesian fashionista and entrepreneur with an eye for high-quality products and accessories. She relocated to Dubai, UAE, with her husband and opened the Tutus Kurniati concept store to utilize her entrepreneurial skills and develop a unique concept boutique to cater to the fashion needs of the elite. She took inspiration from several successful female entrepreneurs, including Jennifer Lopez, Victoria Beckham, and Huda Kattan, to establish her fashion business. Tutus Kurniati opened the store in Dubai due to her inspiration from the scenic beaches, appealing lifestyle, and a unique place among the Middle Eastern and Persian Gulf countries. She wanted to offer attractive resort wear and luxury clothing in various sizes for women who are confident in their bodies and uniqueness. Tutus Kurniati is making a mark in fashion by offering an exclusive luxury clothing line, explicitly focusing on celebrities and prominent influencers.