UC Browser Turbo gets 10M+ Downloads

Since its launch, the UC browser Turbo has had 10M+ Downloads. The app is available in over 148 countries. And it’s also available in 23 languages, including English, Hindi, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Arabic. The app is a huge success, and it may touch a 20M+ downloads by the end of the year.

Everyone needs a browser that provides privacy. Because nowadays everyone uses their browser to search for important things. UC Browser Turbo offers excellent privacy, and it is also multifunctional. Meaning in the app, one can play youtube video on a tab, or listen to the commentary, and still browse. This feature is called video playing in the background feature. And it is going to attract many users from around the world, many of which have already downloaded UC Browser apk to enjoy it.

Another new feature of UC Browser Turbo is “Private Space.” Private space is just as it sounds. It provides a separate space in the browser itself, and it enables users to hide videos or files they have downloaded online and encrypt them with a password. Private space is a safety feature that keeps all the users’ information secure.

“Share” is also a new feature of the browser, and it lets the users share the website links easily. Moreover, the browser also has a customizable home page. On the Homepage, you can add preferred pages and websites to the home page from Bookmarks. If you want a blank homepage, one can also remove the recommended pages. And you can also add your picture to your homepage.

UC Browser Turbo has other features like Quick Search function, Private Browsing, Free Cloud Acceleration, etc. The fantastic features of the browser will attract many users.