Umut Gundogdu (TheUmutmusic) Is On A Roll With Back To Back Music Releases

Umut Gundogdu, aka TheUmutmusic, is an up and coming Turkish Music artist making his way through the music industry. He was born on January 10, 1986, in Eskisehir, Turkey. While growing up, his music teacher took an interest in his musical career and asked him to join the school choir because of Umut’s talent. After being a part of the choir, he started performing in musical theatre. When he was done with school, Umut went to Anadolu University and wanted to find his education.

While in the university, he became a part of the music scene there. Umut became a part of the Rap/R&B group, Barakabeat, in 2007 with his brother Ufuk, aka Argo. The band played in well-known club 222 in Eskisehir, and their music was played on Fox TV Turkey. They also made two albums under the Barakabeat. However, Umut wanted to make an English Album that everyone could relate to. But at that time, releasing English R&B and Rap music in Turkey was hard.

So he moved to the Netherlands after the band broke up. He understood the Dutch Culture and started making music there. During his time there, he released his first solo single, “One Love,” in the Netherlands in 2013, then he went on to release his second single, “Bounce.”

After his time in the Netherlands, he decided to do something more. Umut not only wanted to make music, but he also wanted to make videos. He moved to Miami in 2018. Then he traveled across many parts of America, including Kansas and Nashville.

In 2019 he moved to New York City and started his formal education in Advanced Filmmaking at Digital Film Academy in Manhattan. While his studies here, he focused on making more music. He released ‘’Desire” and “With You” with music videos that he produced and directed. This year he released “Hope” and “Burn it Up”. These songs received some serious attention on all platforms. He created quite a buzz.

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