Unleashing the Splendor of ‘Conversation Media’

Many people believe that the modern era of texting has messed with the relationships and the essence of communication. Yet, that is not truly the case. In the contemporary realm of ‘conversation media,’ communication has evolved to become more thrilling, transparent, and expressive.

Emoji’s stickers and Gifs have taken over online communication as a vital part, empowering people to indulge in conversation and be open with their words, emotions, and feelings. In fact, these ‘conversation media’ which you call emoji, stickers, and Gifs are all more efficient to convey your feelings without a chance of misinterpretation.

However, where people believe that the notion of ‘conversation media’ is quite novel, the truth may dismay them—ever heard of the 4000 years old manuscripts discovered in Egypt, inscribed with brilliant images, symbols, and signet? Well, that marks the beginning of the first inclusion of graphics in communication. Fast forward today, with the rapid enhancement of telecommunication bolstered by technological advances, the tech-savvy generation is now opting for simpler, quicker, and universal methods of communications, as our ancestors did centuries ago.

Truly, the people who play the blame-game, acknowledging that ‘conversation media’ has messed up the purpose of communication, do not know it in the first place. Communication is not bound to the constraints of words. In fact, efficient communication is all about body language, eye contact, tone of voice, and reaction. And, what else could serve this purpose online better than emoji’s, stickers, and Gifs.

Both animated or static emoji’s, Gifs and Stickers, adds a touch of life to the electric communication, expressing an idea, emotions, and feelings explicitly. Specifically designed based on human psychology that better comprehend images than text, conversation media delivers human’s emotions all more unequivocally.

Yet, the wonder of conversation media is not just limited to conveying emotions. One more alluring aspect of conversation media is its capability to add a dash of personal touch with customized avatars and emojis. After all, humans are self-obsessed creature, who loves customization to bits. This customization that was once started with Snapchat has taken over the world of conversation media, making our communication way more fun than it used to be. Isn’t it cool to react to the messages with your customized avatar or express your love to the long-distance boyfriend with just a single touch? In fact, thanks to these emojis and snaps that long-distance relationships are surviving, or online dating has become more exciting than before. However, it is just the beginning, the prospects of this conversation media are way brighter. One such prospect is its use in marketing. Platforms like Snapchat, Genies, Holler, Bobble AI are providing brands to reach users conversation without intruding them with adds using conversation media. Be it emoji of Starbuck and taco bell on chatting apps or your Bitmoji dressed in an outfit designed by Ralph Lauren conversation media marketing is also getting big.

With the advent of platforms like Youtube and Snapchat, the world is literally going visual, and nothing grabs the attention better than Gif or customized stickers. Have you found yourself endlessly laughing till your stomach hurts upon a Gif reaction sent by a friend? If yes, you too have certainly beheld the grandeur of conversation media, making electronic communication exuberant, lively and natural.

Even on the bluest of days, when you lack the energy to text back a friend, a single emoji could communicate what a thousand words text can never do. With the plethora of emoticons each designed by mavens at the back, reflecting actual human behaviour, texting, chatting, and conversing online had never been so joyous. So, if you ever feel like a chat is losing its charm, add an emoji or two and see how much pleasurable it gets.