Valuable Reasons to Consider Temporary Buildings

There are often in business when space or the lack of it becomes a problem. You may be looking to increase production, meaning you will need extra equipment and space for storage. You can improve your warehouse facilities to cope with increased output. Either Way, finding an empty building off-site is only sometimes the most feasible or convenient proposition. And several hidden costs and headaches come with this option, as you have the inconvenience of additional transport and leases to sign. 

Before you even think about considering the costs of a major relocation to larger premises, consider the benefits of constructing relocatable temporary buildings instead. Some of these benefits include the following. 

Fast Installation 

After a call where you discuss your needs, construction teams can have your building on-site and utterly operational in about 7 to 21 days. This is ideal if the requirement for short-term storage or increased productivity suddenly becomes a high priority. 

Flexible Terms of Rental 

Temporary buildings are often available for rent on some of the most flexible terms possible. The need for extra space comes from productivity spikes or seasonal requirements. Moreover, there are no upfront payments or minimum term rental periods – only a 7 days notice on terminating the rental, which is excellent. 

No Need For Groundwork Preparation 

The beauty of the design can enable us to erect relocatable buildings on almost any surface. And the more leaves the surface, the better – although the PVC roof can give the building the tolerance to get installed on slopes and uneven surfaces. So if you are looking for a way to extend your existing building or have a stand-alone building in the car park, this can be achieved through this type of building. 

Operating Costs are Cost-Effective 

While the initial set-up expenses can be considerably lower than the arrangement of the entire permanent building, in most circumstances, you will save on business rates as well. And because they are classified as temporary, these buildings rarely attract business rates. 

So if you are looking for ways to gain these benefits, the best thing would be to approach businesses like Portable Venues (Group) Ltd. This highly acclaimed private British construction group operates under ‘Smart-Space.’ The group focuses on building solutions for various applications within different sectors. 

Founded by Antony Hunt in 1987, the company has come a long way, evolving from unincorporated trading since its inception. It is headquartered in the UK and provides solutions for industrial and commercial applications. 

Portable Venues’ quick building solutions are used in several sectors, such as education, healthcare, disaster relief, and manufacturing. The company builds temporary buildings, interim buildings, steel buildings, temporary warehouses, industrial tents, and so much more. Moreover, the company is a supply partner to several companies in the UK and is a member of Safe Contractor – a health and safety pre-qualification assessment scheme.