Vavoom Vodka, Is It One of the Best Vodkas in 2021? | Featuring Vavoom Vodka Founder & CEO, Luke Battiloro!

Vavoom Vodka’s signature vodka, part of their Stai Bella collection, has consistently been stealing the show online with its unique, hand-made Italian glass bottle. Just last year, it was even voted as the ‘Best Overall Vodka’ by RAVE. So, without a doubt, it’s definitely a product that vodka enthusiasts everywhere are keeping their eye on.

According to Luke Battiloro, the founder and CEO of Vavoom Vodka, he had gotten the idea to create his own vodka brand after being invited to a dinner party and finding that his plan to bring over a show-stopping “talking-piece” was thwarted at the lack of appealing options in the available vodkas at the time.

But quirky beginnings aside, what actually makes Vavoom Vodka worthy of the title ‘Best Overall’? Luke Battiloro answers this question for us below as he tells us the story of how Vavoom Vodka came to be:

Vavoom Vodka’s Artistic Packaging

The first thing people are sure to notice about Vavoom Vodka is its unique packaging — and ensuring this was high on Battiloro’s priority list. He even designed the bottle primarily by himself to make sure that the reality would match the image in his head:

“Rendering the Vavoom Vodka bottle took me several attempts. At least seven times, I think. I tried to rough it out on a CAD program first, but I just couldn’t get it to look right. Still, I tried again and again, until I finally decided to try something a little more traditional and broke out the clay.

I had never actually sculpted before, that was something I had to learn to make this bottle a reality, and just like with the digital rendering, it took me ages to get it just right. But I didn’t want to stop while I was ahead. So, I kept trucking through, making sure that the musculature and the proportions of the female figure were both accurate and elegant, just as I had initially imagined it to be.” – Luke Battiloro

The meticulously crafted statue of a young woman “stretching skyward”—as Battiloro likes to describe it—that resulted from his efforts was then turned over to Bruni Glass (a global supplier in high-end special glasses and well-known for their hand-made Italian Milanese bottles) to ensure that it retained its elegant quality.

The Vavoom Vodka Special Formula

After spending quite a bit of time perfecting the signature Vavoom Vodka bottle Battiloro then took on the special challenge of creating a vodka formula that would be able to live up to his expectations:

“I put years into the development of the actual vodka itself to make sure that it would not only live up to the packaging but also exceed one’s expectations. For this, I partnered with someone in the industry with over 30 years of experience in making vodka and custom-building the infrastructure needed to distill said vodka to make sure that we did things the right way.” – Luke Battiloro

Battiloro spared no expense in the vodka’s creation and put out all the stops to make it something worth being on the “top-shelf.”

As such, the process of making Vavoom Vodka is highly intricate—both in terms of distillation and finishing. In addition to this, Vavoom is also quite proud of the fact that their vodka is run through a coconut activated carbon filter, a scientifically proven and environmentally conscious filtering process that rids the vodka of contaminant molecules, thus softening the flavor and creating the silky-smooth aftertaste that the vodka is well known for.

And so, beneath the shiny veneer of the elegant bottle is a very painstakingly formulated premium spirit. One that is 100% gluten-free, grain-based, distilled five times, and delicately finished three times to offer a smooth and satisfying drinking experience that certainly lives up to the Vavoom bottle but also its high-end price tag.

Vavoom Vodka’s “STAI BELLA”

To complete the Vavoom Vodka experience, Luke Battiloro wrapped everything up with a beautiful message that calls for women empowerment:

“We developed Vavoom Vodka to be both elegant and beautiful, with the woman on the bottle captured in a confident motion that looks as if she was reaching for the sky. And with that image, our message naturally came to being.

‘Stai Bella’ — which, in Italian, means ‘Stay Beautiful’ or ‘Be Yourself, Be Beautiful’— became our brand message. One that we hope will inspire others to continue on their journey to ‘beauty.’ Not, of course, necessarily for the sake of vanity, but for one’s personal improvement and satisfaction.” – Luke Battiloro

This message is unique to Vavoom Vodka in the alcohol industry — which has always been largely saturated with male-centric marketing, and thus, is often surrounded by messages that pursue masculinity above all else.

In addition to this message, Vavoom has also been involved with a variety of philanthropic efforts. Not the least of which is their Vavoom Fund (wherein a portion of their proceeds goes to the causes that they support) and their I Choose to Live campaign that supports those with cancer with their daily living expenses.