Vigilante sits down with “Voice It”

Wednesday July 1st Vigilante sits down with Voice It segment host Tiara Monroe. She is a radio personality on the The Progress Report show. Tiara has been tracking the progress of Vigilante career for the past year. She even had the pleasure of meeting him in Charlotte during his time filming with the soon to be Netflix show 21 Questions. On the set during a long break she was able to speak with Vigilante about his time in the acting industry, different techniques that worked for him, when new music would be coming out and more. This conversation lasted almost 3 hours. Near the end of the conversation Tiara expressed that she herself were considering stepping into the acting world and Vigilante did the unthinkable. He began to give her advice, connections and insight. After leaving the set they stayed in contact and Vigilante promised he would make an appearance on her show.

A week after the interview Tiara posted on her blog about it. The blog post read as fellows;
[Vigilante is known as an actor/rap artist from Michigan. He recorded his debut album “Flawless Victory.” which features hit singles such as “That’s How We Do It”, which has been taken to over a 100 radio stations, and “I Can’t Breathe” which has been performed along side the NAACP. This star has also been in multiple films ”A Little” with Regina Hall Issa Rae, The lead on the hit show “For My Man” and a guest star on “Fatal Attraction” both airing on TV one. In our interview Vigilante speaks on his new upcoming lead animation film called “The Little Giant”, and ”21 Questions which will be aired on Netflix. He also discuss his thoughts on what’s going on in the world today And working with the community on making a change. Make sure you check out our interview below and his music which is streaming on all platforms.]

Tiara also had this to say about the interview “I enjoyed interviewing with actor/ artist Vigilante; he is very inspirational I learned a lot so far as the acting industry what to expect on set and how to manage time while working in the film industry, and he also made a significant impact on the community. He continues to be his self through it all. Makes sure you check out some of his previous films and music.”

You can find the full interview and blog post here

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