Vlad Gasan: How to Scale Successfully as a Beginner in Product Management

Vlad Gasan is a widely known project manager instructor, speaker, and mentor who is notoriously known for his extensive product management skills. He is currently the principal product manager at Offer Up. Moving to a new country to work for a large company and eventually striking out on his own has not been an easy journey for Vlad, but he shares it has all been worth it.

Vlad’s rocky road to success

Vlad hails from Ukraine, and migrating to the United States was not an easy feat for him. While it took a long time for his visa to be approved, his determination to stick at it during the tough times led to him landing his first job as a Product Manager in Silicon Valley. For this role, he was competing globally against others who were more highly qualified than him. Every time he suffered a setback, he took it in his stride and moved forward. “After all, how can you enjoy the highs if you don’t experience a few lows along the way?” Vlad shares with conviction.

Landing roles at highly reputable companies

Vlad has over 8 years of experience in his professional practice, having created a significant impact for many users by shipping products. He has a program for coaching as well as a community product management team with job offers that guarantees six-figures in 2-4 months. Erin is one of his product management students who was offered a project manager role straight out of college at a startup for series D (known as Simulator of Conscious intelligence). Other clients landed roles at top technology companies such as Microsoft and Amazon.

Vlad’s coaching system helps you develop a personalized career plan. Alongside this, you will both learn and enhance your skills by improving the quality of your resume. Ultimately you may also land a product management job at a highly sought after tech company like his previous clients have.

How to gain an advantage in a highly competitive space

Product management is a highly competitive space when seeking roles, and Vlad believes every slight advantage counts. He emphasizes, “a product manager with leadership skills, data analysis, rigorous prioritization, clear communication, and course technical knowledge stands a high chance to land a 6 + figure job in less than 4 months.” The current job market is highly competitive, and only few qualified candidates get the opportunity to work in highly reputable organizations. There is a significant need to stand out by doing what others in the same field are not doing.

Vlad deeply values his work as it is fulfilling and he gets to help others. He has helped over 50 people gain experience and transition into the job market. We all possess unique skills within our own geniuses, and Vlad encourages all beginners to hire a coach who can help us realise our talents and guide us in overcoming obstacles.