Volvo recalls 70,000 cars in the UK over fire risk

Volvo recalls 70,000 cars in the UK over fire risk

Volvo has taken the decision of recalling 507,000 cars worldwide, which includes 69,616 cars in the United Kingdom, apprehending that they may catch fire.

The move is a part of the Swedish car manufacturer’s global recall of around a million diesel cars which have a fault.

The issue links to a few S60 Cross Country, S60, S90, S80, V40 Cross Country, V40, V60 Cross Country, V60, V90, V70, V90 Cross Country,  XC70, XC90 and XC60 car models manufactured in the last 5 years.

Volvo said that in extremely rare cases, a plastic component of the company’s four-cylinder 2.0-litre diesel engines could melt down and may even catch fire in extreme cases.

The company said in very extreme cases that were reported, the issue, involving the car’s engine intake manifold had ignited a fire.

Volvo hasn’t disclosed information about how many fire incidents had been reported but it did confirm that there weren’t any injury reports associated to the issue.

The company said that it is presently contacting all the owners whose cars are affected and advising them about the possible warning signals. Moreover, Volvo also apologised to the customers for the inconvenience caused and is taking complete responsibility to make sure the highest safety and quality standards of its vehicles.