Watch out for the Top, Newly Released Fitness Tracker of 2020

The face of the Smart Fit Band

The hunt for the perfect fitness watch is over. The Smart Fit Band (SFB) by T1 Tact Watch just hit the market, and reviews are already calling it the top watch for the gym and training in 2020

With hundreds of varieties of activity tracking wrist pieces to mill through, finding the perfect band can be daunting. Buyers should trust the engineers from T1 Tact when they look to make a decision for their next fitness band. From long-distance running to weight training, this band is for everyone. 

Noteworthy Features

Some watches feature dozens of features, most of which are useless. Consequently, the designers of the SFB thoroughly thought through and handpicked each specification. Let’s go over a few of them:

All fitness watches typically include a pedometer and heart rate monitor, but the SFB goes a step further, allowing users to track their blood oxygen levels and their blood pressure. The wrist piece also tracks sleep quality. These features provide wearers with important data for improving their health. All of this data is stored within an app, where users can retrieve it at any time.

On top of the health-related features, the band also connects directly to most smartphones via Bluetooth. Notifications like text, call, email, and more can all be synced to display as soon as they are received. The screen has touch controls and a built-in alarm. Plus, it’s waterproof. 

All of these features are designed to keep wearers moving and healthy. In 2020, health is wealth and smartwatch wearers can take advantage of the SFB’s capabilities today for just $84.99.

Designed for Everyone

No one is left out of the equation. Whether you work an office job and your main source of activity is an evening walk or you train with heavy weights 6 times a week, the Smart Fit Band has you in mind. No matter what goals you have, the watch is sure to help you get on track and stay on track.

It’s been proven that having the ability to track activity motivates individuals to be more active. Humans of any age and activity level can benefit from this watch’s health-tracking features.   

The Top Watch for The Gym and Training In 2020

Reviews are already listing the SFB as a flagship for training watches this year. T1 Tact Watch is known for creating wrist pieces that are durable and user-friendly. The engineers who started the company have always kept the user in mind.  That’s why they’ve chosen to offer this watch at just a fraction of the price of other mainstream options.

The watch has all the features that users are looking for. It will allow you to stay connected to family and friends while on the go. Additionally, users keep peace of mind through having quick access to important health statistics. 

For more information on the capabilities of the brand new Smart Fit Band, you can find them on Instagram (@t1tactwatch) or they have many YouTube videos that cover the specs of their products. 

This is exclusively sold for $84.99 at