Ways to Show Respect When People Have Different Views Than You

You won’t always meet people who share the same views as you. It doesn’t mean that you can no longer be friends or at least hold a civil conversation. There are ways to argue with someone and still maintain a level of respect. These are some tips to show that you can engage in an argument without losing respect for another person.

Be an active listener

Being an active listener means that you’re willing to absorb the information obtained from the other party. It’s not only about thinking of possible rebuttals to the arguments given to you. Being combative isn’t always the best way to discuss with another person. When you’re an active listener, you consider the possibility that you’re wrong. You also open yourself to the idea that the other party has something better to say. 

Don’t take things personally

When you argue about different issues, try to stick to the topic. Never take anything personally. The other person will also do the same. If you give examples or counter-arguments, don’t insult the person you’re talking to. It doesn’t matter if you feel like the tone is disrespectful or combative. You have to stick with the issue and be respectful. You want to learn from the process, and if you take things personally, it could hurt the conversation. You might end up fighting and not speak to each other ever again.

Accept that you won’t have the same conclusion 

Once your conversation is over, you can agree to disagree. It doesn’t mean that you have to end up with the same conclusion. It would be better if you can convince the other party to believe in your ideas. For instance, if you wish to push your views on climate change, it would be great to change the minds of others. If not, you have to be more accepting. You can try convincing the other party next time or find someone else to join the cause.

Don’t treat the conversation as a competition

To maintain respect, you have to treat the discussion as a simple conversation. It’s not a competition or a formal debate. No one will judge your views and tell you that you won. Therefore, you have to calm down and try not to think of it as a competition. If you want to be respectful, your primary goal is to have an open mind and accept different ideas. You can also provide examples and suggestions. It’s a better way to push through with the conversation. For instance, if you want to convince the other party to protect the environment, you can suggest the services offered by a junk removal in Roswell. You might not convince the other person to change global warming views, but this idea is more concrete and easier to follow.

Be grateful for the chance to discuss

Once you finish the conversation, you have to express your gratitude. Some people with different views don’t even want to discuss it.

Maintaining respect while arguing with another person is possible. In a polarized world, we need it. You can even change more minds if you are willing to engage with other people in the first place.

Image: https://unsplash.com/photos/KyaoT3NKN2s