Westchester Auto Group and Wheel Repair Gets The Job Done

Based on experience and teamwork, Westchester Auto Group and Wheel Repair makes noise locally. These boys are your one stop shop for all your wheel repair needs.

Bringing nothing but the best experience and customer satisfaction to the forefront of their work. Jeffery Correia says, We bring our 10 year background in engineering and the custom automotive industry, specializing in welding and fabrication. Implementing all of our stress for detail and quality into this business to give our customers confidence their product will be done right and with the most quality in mind. Our facility houses the most up to date and advanced wheel repair equipment on the market.”

Here, when you deal with Westchester Auto Group and Wheel Repair, you can feel confident and safe knowing your vehicle is the best hand getting fixed with the most quality equipment. When you leave the lot with your car, you can be sure it got handled by the best professionals and that they took the most quality to ensure your car is fixed and safe for the road. Correia & Vogt describe their work, We ensure a quality repair to our customers so they feel safe knowing their wheels are repaired correctly and have confidence when driving their vehicles”.

Westchester Auto Group and Wheel Repair plans on continuing building their reputation on innovation and using the most quality equipment and constantly learning the next best thing”. Continued expansion of our facility to continue growing our output”, is what allows them to continue to build a presence for itself and develop a name in the industry and anyone, whether you are a dealer or a consumer, can trust.

Be sure to contact these guys for all your automotive needs!

You can learn more by visiting their website: westchesterwheelrepair.com