What it takes to defy the norms: Fritz Colcol tale of struggle and success

The famous and favorite quote as we all listen is “The more you fail, the more you succeed” according to Fritz. Everyone starts off somewhere on the start of their journey.

The story  told by Fritz Colcol is about an immigrant from the Philippines. He moved to the USA at the age of 11 and finished his schooling there. He landed an opportunity after college  as a fitness ambassador for representing a company’s fitness products and ultimately ended up as the Chief Marketing Officer. His focus at present is about being a consultant to business owners on how they can grow their personal brands by leveraging their social media presence.

Fritz had great time management skills that he used to optimize his work and maximize his time

to do things which he liked. His secret to success is Passion and Discipline. His passion drives him to pursue his ideas and he is very sure of himself and only aligns his activities that contribute to his end goal. According to Fritz, the ability to handle the mundane tasks and not be phased by countless decisions he has to make is a skill learned over the time.

The core of his own company Fritzlifestyle is that he has started a page on Instagram. He had

to finish his degree to honor his parents but he ended up still working for himself. He has

invested in entrepreneurship but he is also very passionate about fitness. He learned

continuously from watching and researching strategies that his peers and people he looks up to are implementing. His business has his best efforts put in it. He is always inspired by the rising ones and their fresh take on the game. He honestly loves the grind, and shows up everyday to do his work because he enjoys it and takes charge of how his day was spent. He is motivated by all the people who have always believed in him i.e his family, friends, colleagues and of course his fiancée and their own future family.

IG: @fritzlifestyle