What Kids Should Know Before Returning to School

More than 75 per cent of Steiner schools across the UK are failing to provide a decent education, Ofsted inspectors announce

With many school districts across the United States already reopened and others planning to do so soon, parents are left wondering whether or not it’s safe for their children to go back to class. While much of that depends on school administrators’ efforts and expertise, another factor will be student participation. 

If your kids are going back to school during the pandemic, they need to know what’s expected of them in regards to maintaining health and safety measures. The following highlights everything parents want to discuss with their children before letting them return to class:

Good hygiene matters more than ever

Chances are your parents did a good job teaching you how to wash your hands and keep yourself clean. They also managed to help you learn how to stop sucking your thumb, picking your nose, and biting your fingernails. Now it’s your turn to make sure your kids know the importance of good hygiene. Since keeping hands clean and away from the face is essential for reducing the spread of COVID-19, it’s imperative your children know to do so before going back to school. 

Everyone must do their part

The effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus depends on everyone’s participation. That includes every student, faculty member, and administrator. It’s no time to give in to peer pressure to disregard social distancing, nor is it acceptable to encourage others to break the rules. Your kids need to know this before going back to school. Otherwise, the entire student body could be put at risk.

Masks must be worn properly

Most school districts are requiring students to wear masks in class. The only exception is when eating breakfast or lunch. With this in mind, your child must know how to properly wear a face mask at school. That means having it above their nose and covering their mouth at all times. The mask should also fit snug across the face without being too tight. Parents can test mask effectiveness by asking their child to blow out a candle placed approximately one foot from their face; if they struggle to do so, the mask is good at trapping airborne particles.

Bring attention to rule-breakers

Nobody likes a snitch, but nobody likes getting sick either. Instruct your kids to call attention to anyone not following health and safety guidelines. While that presumably means students, it also applies to teachers and administrators; your child should feel comfortable telling you if any grown-ups at school aren’t doing what’s necessary to let classes resume safely.

Things will go back to normal

Whether they’re kindergarten age or headed to high school, the current situation is more than enough to trigger some level of stress and anxiety. Parents need to explain to their kids how things will go back to normal one day. While it might not be for several months or longer, the return to normalcy is a certainty. Letting them know that can help kids better handle the bizarre world of going to school during a global pandemic.

Thousands of schools across the United States are gearing up to reopen if they haven’t already. For students to go back, they need to know what’s expected of them going forward. What’s more, they need to know there are better days ahead.