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WhatsApp comes to millions of basic cellphones running KaiOS

WhatsApp currently is available to just a limited set of basic mobile phones. However, Facebook is now about to change this by offering the instant messaging app to millions of KaiOS devices having 256MB or 512MB RAM size. The KaiOS WhatsApp version will come pre-loaded in most of KaiOS mobiles starting third quarter of 2019 and can also be installed from the KaiStore. Besides, the KaiOS version of the smartphone-oriented chat app support both messaging and calling. Furthermore, it also includes end-to-end encryption similar to iOS and Android WhatsApp version.

The availability of WhatsApp on KaiOS phones could help fill in an important gap. There are several people still who cannot afford a smartphone or simply do not care about them. However, with the availability of the app on KaiOS devices could aid them in not just staying connected with their family and friends who already use the app, but also help them access services, stores as well as job opportunities. Though this wouldn’t be very reassuring to those who feel Facebook holds a lot of power, but it surely could help balance out the field for people that cannot justify an expensive phone.

Notably, there are around 100mn devices which run on KaiOS globally, in more than 100 countries.

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