Who is a personal injury lawyer?

 A personal injury lawyer refers to an advocate who specializes in personal injury law and provides legal services to clients who claim to have been hurt or injured in a physical or psychological manner due to negligence or bad intentions of another individual. This claim might be raised against either a person,  an association, a company, or any other entity. The primary area of law that a personal injury lawyer practices in are known as ‘tort law’, and this field requires specific specialization. Some claims under the personal injury law or tort law include cases of slip and fall accidents, traffic accidents, defective products,  workplace injuries, and dishonest professional practices.  Personal injury lawyers are also referred to as ‘trial’ lawyers in professional terms. 

Qualifications for Personal Injury Lawyers 

A personal injury lawyer needs to specialize in tort law before he or she starts practicing in this jurisdiction.  The guidelines for practicing this law depends from one state to another, but in many states, it is mandatory to sit for a written exam and pass it with minimum required marks to practice this law.  Lawyers practicing this law might also take Continuing Legal Education classes [CLE]  to come across the regular updates in the law and understand the new areas of practice to solve the latest cases. 


When a lawyer chooses and decides to practice specifically in the field of tort law,  he or she has to follow a particular format to deal with his clients.  It is very important for a personal injury lawyer to interview their client before they take up the case to understand the basic necessities and information about the case. A personal injury lawyer may charge the lawyer’s fee in many different ways, which might include contingency fees,  rates per hour, and flat fees.  There is also a regulation that says that the lawyer won’t receive their payments if the claim is not successful.  These lawyers also have to follow a specific code of ethics before they take up any case.

Career paths for Personal Injury Lawyers

Once a law student graduates from a law school or college, they are ready to start a private practice by themselves or join any big or small law firm as a personal injury lawyer. These lawyers also have the freedom to make partners and practice the law together.  It has been observed in most of the cases that such lawyers always take up smaller cases and charge less amount of fee in comparison to the other lawyers practicing other types of laws. There are various major law firms who are in need of such lawyers and take up interns for permanent employees in this department. 


A personal injury lawyer might have various different responsibilities rather than just interviewing the client and fighting the client’s case.  These lawyers might also have to gather different kinds of evidence as per the requirement of the case.  Other responsibilities also include negotiating,  sending demand letters, preparing pleading, among others.