Who is Count De Jager?

De Jager was a Count who lived during the 13th century. Legend has it that he successfully convinced royals and other wealthy nobles to invest all their wealth with him, promising to make them a rather impressive profit. With his remarkable cunning and convincing salesmanship, Count De Jager was eventually able to amass hordes of wealth in the form of gold, jewelry, and precious gems. Some believed Count De Jager’s treasure to be the most excellent fortune globally.

The Deception of Count De Jager

The Count mysteriously disappeared one fateful night rather than making good on his promise to make his investors rich. Rumor has it that Count De Jager had smuggled his collection of ill-gotten riches out of the country, only to be betrayed by a trusted servant, who killed the Count and disappeared with his treasure. After the disappearance of the Count, speculation spread like wildfire. Some claimed that the Count had buried the treasure on a faraway island. Others argued that there existed a map pointing to the exact location of the treasure. 

Captain Samuel eventually discovered the map that would lead to Count De Jager’s treasure, something he had dedicated his life to finding and would stop at nothing to attain. While he was still a first mate, Samuel killed his captain to get his hands on the map. Later, when he was a captain in his own right, he betrayed and attempted to kill his first mate, wanting to keep the treasure for himself. 

Following this, it wasn’t long before karma caught up with Captain Samuel when he encountered Viscount Giovanni Terracini. Terracini murdered Captain Samuel and assumed his identity upon learning about the treasure and the map. Eventually, he led a crew to the island to find Count De Jager’s lost treasure. Rather than sharing the wealth, Terracini left his crew stranded on the island and sailed to Florence. Once there, Terracini established a small pharmaceutical company that would eventually expand to become one of the most influential organizations in history. 

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