Who is entrepreneur Derik Fay dating; We ask the questions you want to know

Derik Fay, a seasoned entrepreneur and philanthropist who has recently been thrust into the limelight simply for what he has been doing for 20 years. Building, growing, and selling massively successful companies for staggering amounts of money!

Nevertheless, when you become “of public interest” the public wants to know more than the details of the countless companies owned, the major success, or even the staggering wealth. We want to know what is behind all of that, who is the man, and more importantly, who is the women behind the man! 

So we did a little digging, and found that Derik was divorced in late December 2019, and has two beautiful daughters (Sophia Fay (15) and Isabella Fay (13) .

This begged to question, now what? Does Florida have an eligible bachelor? 

Sorry to disappoint ladies, but the answer is he is taken! As of the time of this article Fay is living with, and as Fay describes “very much in love” with Shandra Gabrielle Phillips. 

Fay met the striking beauty working at a local beauty salon in Fort Myers, Florida, where Fay regularly got his hair cut. They met, began dating in late 2020, fell in love, and moved in together. 

Since then the whirlwind romance has progressed into a true love affair that Fay says provides excitement, stability, romance, fun, passion, and true happiness. 

We think we hear wedding bells! We look forward to following up on what would no doubt 

be a wedding event of monumental proportions, an event worthy of an article all to itself!  

This writer had better be invited when these two make it official!