Who is Vishal Jain? Meet the founder of the digital media behemoth

Very often, we come across the statement “Hardwork is the key to success” but only some of us actually believe in it. However, Vishal Jain has proved that statement right.

Vishal Jain is a 23 years old entrepreneur who dropped out of college to follow his dreams. 4 years down the road, he owns about six businesses; with each one of them being a product of his own hard work. He is a strong believer of the wonders hard work can nurture. Coupled that with the will to follow one’s dreams and voila! You have a self-made millionaire earning multifolds of what the job industry had to offer him at this age.

His determination is what motivated him to study online trends and the demand for social media marketing (SMM). This is where he honed his skills, created a new website and started selling his marketing services. “From making a website, to marketing businesses, to advertising his own services to attract clients, everything was self-taught,” says Vishal. He also went on to say that he has not spent a single penny on online courses and most of his learning came from YouTube and Quora.

Vishal started out by working as a freelancer on platforms such as Fiverr. This is where he observed the services that people were selling and the unique ways in which they did so. He picked up the most famous services, social media marketing and designing, and took upon himself to start learning them. Soon, he saved enough money with the freelancing work to start his own marketing agency, Sunshy Digital Media Agency.

Currently, Vishal owns 4 other companies: Sunshy Enterprises, a manufacturing company that produces industrial goods, Sunshy Jewels, an online business that sells handcrafted jewellery, and Realstagram and Social Media Marketing Specialist belonging to the same category as Sunshy Digital Media Industry.

In an interview, when asked why he wanted to start his own business, he said that he always thought working for someone was dispensable. “Being an employee means slow growth and I didn’t want to be stuck in a rat race in order to just make a handful of money at the end of the day,” Vishal said, while adding that he wanted to start his business with no financial support from anyone but himself.  

On being asked what advice he would give to aspiring entrepreneurs, Vishal said that a common mistake people tend to make before starting their business is looking for capital in the market. “Thinking that you need money to start a business is fine, but thinking you need someone to give it to you is not,” he says.

He emphasised that people should make their own money to invest in their business. He said that there are plenty of free online courses as well as money making sources such as Fiverr and other freelance websites where people can make enough money and gain enough skills to start something of their own.

Vishal Jain’s story is inspiring, just like those of many young, talented people all across the world. It certainly teaches us a lesson that is, passion, coupled with the will to succeed will pave a successful path for you.