Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturing Since 1971

Thailand is one of the top 15 jewelry manufacturing, wholesaling and exporting countries in the world. In 2018 its jewelry exports totaled US$3.9 billion, making jewelry one of the major earners of foreign currency. Many Thai companies specialize in precious metal and gemstone jewelry such as silver, gold, stainless steel and diamonds. There are others who make beautiful jewelry and accessories in bamboo and wood.

One of the major manufacturers in Thailand is Hong Factory based in Bangkok. Hong Factory specializes in silver marcasite rings, earrings, pendants, brooches, bangles, watches, bracelets, and necklaces. Their wholesale marcasite jewelry is skillfully made from 925 sterling silver in beautifully constructed milgrain setting, and dazzled with precious and semi-precious gemstones and grade-A Swiss marcasite.

Hong Factory supplies jewelry to jewelry wholesalers in Thailand and abroad, jewelry retailers in Thailand and abroad, and rich people who like to create their own unique jewelry collections. Their ideal customers are the ones who prefer to create unique custom jewelry for their brands or personal collections because they give the designers the joy of creating.

Wholesale marcasite jewelry collection

People who want ready-made designs can visit the wholesale store. The Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry Collection brings a world of fashionable and contemporary designs that bear evidence of the exquisite craftmanship within Hong Factory. The collection of more than 8,000 marcasite jewelry designs consists of a mixture of all types of jewelry design features. Whether a customer is looking for luxury details, or statement making or playful colors, they will find them there.

The Wholesale Marcasite Jewelry Collection has been supplying customers in over 60 countries in the last 48 years.

Custom designs

People who are keen to create custom-designed jewelry collection can also get them made at Hong Factory. Retailers who want to create their own brand of jewelry can have it all manufactured by Hong Factory which uses world-class gemstones from around the world to set each private collection in a range of quality gemstones at affordable prices.

Hong Factory is totally committed to please all the jewelry entrepreneurs by creating awesome jewelry at very competitive prices. It treats both large and small orders with the same level of care in order to build strong long-lasting partnerships.

We asked the CEO and founder of Hong Factory, Mr. Hong what the secret of his company’s success is in the last 48 years. He said,

“Hong Factory is one of Thailand’s oldest jewelry manufacturers, having been in business since 1971. We have supplied thousands of jewelers with wholesale silver and marcasite jewelry collections as well as innovative OEM & ODM jewelry. We are guided by jewelry design principles that include balance, contrast, harmony, unity, proportion, movement and emphasis. That is how we arrange the elements artistically, controlling the visual message of the piece. We aim to please, and our customers are very pleased with our products.”

Mr. Hong, whose full name is Tuanghong Roipaeng, works surrounded by a select team of designers, jewelers, and a team of highly trusted managers, many of whom have been with the company for several decades.

Hong Factory gives its custom-made jewelry clients its extensive catalogue of standard jewelry components. Clients can combine standardized jewelry parts to create their own unique designs so that their products do not look like collections that are already on the market. This is the recommended approach for new entrepreneurs who want to test their products on the market. Hong Factory then creates one-of-a-kind masterpieces that stand out among competitors and capture people’s attention.

Established jewelry retailers normally create their own jewelry part designs and come up with their own 3D files using software like AutoCAD. Then they submit the files and pay for molds and other tools needed to manufacture the custom-designed components.

Jewelry is a major export for Thailand

Hong Factory is not the only major successful jewelry manufacturer in Thailand. There are many others that focus on gold, silver, brass, gemstones, pearls and diamonds. There also other Thai manufacturers of jewelry and accessories who make their products from bamboo and wood.

Thailand’s jewelry manufacturing competitors

Unlike Hong Factory and other Thai wholesale jewelry manufacturers, manufacturers in other Asian countries such as Vietnam and China tend to focus more on fashion jewelry and accessories made from stainless steel and alloys. Singapore, India and Indonesia are also great Asian manufacturers, wholesalers and exporters of jewelry. International competitors include the United States. Thai jewelry is among the best because manufacturers like Hong Factory still adhere to the standards of old-world craftsmen.