Why do Young White-collar Workers like to Use Notebook Computers

With the continuous progress of human society. It has promoted the continuous development of the economy. It speeds up the pace of people’s lives. Especially for young white-collar workers. Faced with working overtime and staying up late every day, even working on the subway. Ordinary desktop computers cannot meet this requirement. While notebook computers are small and convenient to carry. It can meet the needs of mobile office. Today, let’s compare notebook computers with desktop computers. What are their advantages?

First, notebook computers are small and easy to carry. In Britain, although flexible work has become a trend. Some people don’t have to go to work in the office every day. So they will choose to work leisurely at home or in the restaurant. Desktop computers are inconvenient to carry. Over the years, the glorious ultra-thin notebook computer has been loved by the British. The MagicBook 14 weighs only 1.38 KG and is only 15.9 mm thin. Its fuselage width is 6.2 mm smaller than that of the previous generation and its weight is 70g smaller. This style is more suitable for young white-collar workers who work outside.

Second, notebook computers are easy to connect to the Internet. Desktop computers need network cables to receive external information. And it has a complicated operation process. For notebook computers, users only need a small wireless network card and calling card. They can obtain the latest news information from the Internet. 

Third, notebook computers have low power consumption. Few notebook computer adapters have a power supply of more than 100W. Desktop computers consume a lot of power. Without the plug-in system, they cannot operate. Notebook computers have won the favor of young white-collar workers for their super live endurance. 

Fourth, the noise of notebook computers is low. Desktop computers consume more power than notebook computers. The noise produced by desktop computers is higher than notebook computers. Today, most notebook computers adopt multi-blade fan design. By increasing the number of blades, achieving more effective air flow. The noise generated is low. It is more suitable for office workers or young white-collar workers.

Fifth, the hardware is more reliable. As there are many kinds of desktop computers on the market, there are many fake products. We must be careful when purchasing. Especially people who do not have hardware knowledge. Most notebook computers’ hardware facilities are commercial secrets. They are difficult for ordinary people to imitate.

The above comes from the feedback and opinion of consumers. I hope this article can help you.