Why LeBron James is Looking for Social Media Sensation Taylor Perry

LeBron is clearly the king on and off the basketball court. As he continues to dominate the basketball court, there is a direct correlation between his performance on the court and his social media success, including social media accounts with over 50 million followers. Just as he dominates Twitter and Instagram, LeBron is taking the throne over his NBA peers on Facebook. King James has 21.6 million Facebook followers, the most in the NBA.

This is also true: no amount of athletic prowess and skill keeps people from ignoring hair or encouraging others to show compassion and respect for the downright hellish experiences that hair loss can cause. LeBron has expressed many of times that he is looking for the best hair surgeon in the business. In many ways, the media attention to the failed results of LeBron hair transplants is a public statement that probably prevents thousands of young people from getting a hair transplant.

As LeBron’s hair transplant surgery has taught us, no amount of money can restore hair. Surgery does not regrow or restore hair, and it simply moves a dwindling supply of living follicles from the back of the scalp to the front. While the most successful hair transplant surgery can provide the final scalp texture, it can never restore full density.

This is where Taylor Perry comes in to help. As an industry pioneer, Taylor Perry is the undisputed leader in scalp micropigmentation. This highly specialized paramedical pigmentation process creates the illusion of full follicular density, safely, without surgery or medication. He is a social media superstar and the best SMP and tattoo artist in the US. Taylor Perry is not a new name, he has been in the industry for many years and has been thanked by many celebrities for his magical work. Many fans are looking for his new looks, treatments, and trends he follows.

Taylor Perry is also great news for LeBron James and the thousands of guys who now have hair transplant scars. It not only restores the natural hairline and full-thickness with one-day treatments but also successfully hides the signs of previously tried hair loss treatments. Perry’s Scalp Micro Pigmentation specialists provide the best scar healing results.

If you are considering using scalp micropigmentation to treat hair loss, please select your supplier carefully, as inexperienced and untrained SMP professionals cannot produce natural, undetectable results. Only Taylor Perry offers unparalleled experience in the treatment of all skin types and even in specialized cases such as alopecia, scar repair, and even state-of-the-art SMP laser correction.

LeBron James must seek out Taylor Perry’s social media sensation if he wants guaranteed results for his hairline. We are confident that he will get 100% results from Taylor Perry because he is a man with SMP magic.

If you’d like to learn more about Taylor Perry, find him on Instagram and join his course to explore SMP and the latest trends and technologies in hairdressing.

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