Why Photo Wedding Invitations are Ideal

Weddings are the dream of every couple waiting to be pronounced husband and wife. A lot of thought goes into deciding the design of a wedding invitation. You may find choosing between a ribbon invitation or laser cut wedding invitations difficult; yet, go for wedding invitations with photos of the couple. A wedding invitation with photos is an engaging and vivid way to welcome guests to the big day. Here is why photo wedding invitations are ideal.

1. Giving A Personal Touch

What is a better way to make use of the engagement photos than to use them for a wedding invitation? It gives the personal touch and is close to a face to face invitation. Guests are likely to respond to a photo invitation as it is more engaging and gives a personal feel. Wedding invitations with photos reflect much more about the couple.

2. Get People Excited For The Big Day

Putting on a big smile is The first thing a guest will do when opening wedding invitations with photos. Get your guests to feel as excited as you are about your wedding. Wedding photos are more exciting than a bouquet of attractive flowers and pretty fonts. In other words, wedding photos give your guests a glimpse of what is to come on the actual wedding day.

3. Keep Your Invitations Out Of The Bin

No one will throw away beautiful wedding invitations with photos. Years later, you will be dismayed at the number of people who still have your invitation pinned to the top of their fridge, walls, or their photo collection. It is exciting after investing money and time that your guests still want to keep your wedding invitations with photos cards.

How to make your wedding invitations with photos

Make your wedding invitations with photos in easy ways using Mixbook. Use one of your single photographs to design your wedding invitation. A single snapshot illustrates a casual wedding vibe. Mixbook has single wedding invitations designed with a variety of contemporary and classic themes. A professionally taken photograph from the couples’ engagement sessions is a good start. Alternatively, you can choose from your design gallery or custom photoshoot.

Your wedding invitation can also include your photos on both sides with words printed at the center of the trifold wedding invitation. If you are having a vintage wedding go for black and white colors of your wedding invitation.

Remember, As you design your photograph wedding invitation, be careful about the information such as the wedding venue, wedding time and wedding address. A mistake in these details spoils the big day. Edit your photos by adjusting the effects and the layers.

Try Mixbook to design your vintage wedding invitations with photos cards. Moreover, Mixbook has excellent customer service, convenience, and is easy to use.

Take Away

Wedding invitations with photos not only give a personal touch to a wedding but also shows so much about the personality of the couples; it is one way to lighten up the guest about the big day. Accordingly, your guests are likely to keep your photo wedding invitations after the wedding. Mixbook allows you to design your invitations in cheap, simple, and easy steps. Check out Mixbook on how to make your custom wedding invitations with photos cards.