You can now Choose the Right Plan of Internet Subscription to save more

The best way to choose an internet subscription is to opt for a combination package of internet, TV and calling (all-in-1 or ‘ triple play ‘), where one can receive the TV signal in different ways, such as via cable, DSL or fiber optic and the bill can be lowered, if all 3 services are desired.

Various packages are available for the people to choose from depending on what suits them. If a family does not use a landline then it is better to opt for a dual deal of Internet and TV without a landline as it can be turned into a slightly cheaper package than an all-in-1 package.

There are individuals not looking for TV as now everyone can stream live TV on internet too. Then for them the option of internet provider offering a combination of internet and landline suits best. One will receive everything on 1 invoice and have 1 point of contact only.

There is an option of taking only internet if one doesn’t watch television or watch online TV but this scheme isn’t provided by all the providers. It is available with providers that offer internet via DSL and fiber optic. But with a cable company like Ziggo, a ‘basic TV package’ is always included with the internet. So it is best to compare internet packages (internet vergelijken) before choosing one.

A modem with router functionality can be used at home as it gives internet on multiple devices. It is better to use and becomes a lot more cheaper. A simple Ethernet modem can connect a separate router (costs around € 50) to it. Ziggo , KPN and T-Mobile Thuis offer WiFi service. One needs to choose a right plan as that what leads to savings. Many internet providers already offer speeds of 300 Mbit/s so it is no use paying for high speed internet services.