YouTube Star Brooke Houts Labeled as Animal Abuser and Receives Threats for Hitting a Dog

A video has gone viral on Instagram where YouTube personality Brooke Houts is seen hitting a dog. People are making loose comments about her and are calling her an animal abuser. The video was accidentally uploaded by her on Tuesday. An uncut video of her and her puppy -Sphinx was posted to her YouTube channel that shows her roughly handling her Doberman puppy.

LAPD (The Los Angeles Police Department) took immediate action on this video. Their Animal Cruelty Task Force is doing investigations of the video and is of the opinion that it is undoubtedly a case of animal abuse.

In this footage of a minute-and-a-half, Houts is been seen hitting, yelling and seemingly spitting at her dog. Not only this, at one point she was found speaking sternly while she shoved him to the ground and held him tight. The young woman was visible being increasingly angry with her puppy jumping around her throughout the video.

No sooner the clip was uploaded Houts started receiving backlash on social media over her treatment of the pet.

Someone twitted “This incident makes my blood BOIL. Brooke Houts is disgusting. Both her channel takedown and her beautiful puppy should be given to deserving home. She is a monster as how dare she blame this on “training” of her dog?”

After receipt of such ill statements Houts went on to apologize and admitted that she was not justified in treating her dog the way she did. She posted a two-page long explanation to her Twitter which reads as – “Should I have gotten as angry as I did in the video? No I should not. Also I Should have not raised my voice and yelled at him.”

However even after seeming to admit she was wrong, Houts still continues to say that it is very essential for her as a dog parent to show him that this behavior is unacceptable. Moreover Houts is also claiming that she never spit on her dog but fails to give any explanation as to what she was doing during that point in the video. There is no clarification from her part as to how the video was accidentally uploaded in the first place as well.