Zajil Express’ Cutting-Edge Technology Making a Buzz in the Shipping Industry

The competition in the logistics industry is already fierce, and over time, the intensity of the competition will only rise. The shipping industry offers services including but not limited to storage, packaging, handling, and transportation. As the economy has become more globalized, freight management services have become an integral part of business operations.

The logistics service provider firms contribute significantly to economic development and play a vital role in addressing environmental and social challenges. The transportation and logistics industry has recently undergone a massive transformation. The prevalence of Covid-19 has triggered industry-wide supply chain delays, perplexing new limitations and norms, and volatile fluctuations in clients’ demands.

Nevertheless, the logistics industry continues to evolve. It has survived the wrath of the global pandemic. Eventually, industry leaders are opting for strategic initiatives, procedures, and standards to offer cutting-edge yet time-critical services to meet the needs and requirements of their clients. Zajil Express, the premium Saudi logistics conglomerate, strives to remain competitive by leveraging the latest technology and tools to keep up with the digital transformation, customer expectations, and new market entrants in compliance with the industry’s paradigm shift.

Zajil is an emblem of entrepreneurship in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, competing with regional and global competitors. It is a privately owned postal service offering domestic and international freight management services.

So far, Zajil Express has served approximately 7 million active clients, with 396 courier vehicles, and 500 corporate clients. The company employs 1055 individuals and has 117 branches across Saudi Arabia.

Zajil’s Forward Moving Approach 

Zajil understands that companies must have a competitive edge over their competitors in today’s highly competitive business world. And one way to gain that edge is by using cutting-edge technology. Shipping and logistics businesses are no exception. By investing in the latest technology, Zajil is improving its efficiency, accuracy, and speed, gaining global recognition for its presence in an already challenging and evolving sector.

The company’s GPS tracking technology is helping businesses keep track of their shipments. Incorporating the latest technology has helped the company to optimize routes, avoid traffic jams and delays, and ultimately save time and money. 

How has Zajil’s cutting-edge technology fostered business growth from its inception to the present?

Zajil Express began its operations in 1999 as a store-to-store express firm with two sites in Saudi Arabia. Zajil has grown from a modest quick delivery service – in and around Riyadh – to global shipping and logistics solutions supplier. It has over 100 service locations in Saudi Arabia. The company deals in air, land, & sea freight, customs clearing, fulfillment, 3PL, store-to-store express, door-to-door services, last-mile delivery, line haul/fleet shipping, etc.

2009 was a turning point for the company, as the Al-Kadi Group Holding acquired Zajil, with Yasser Al-Kadi taking over as Managing Director.

In 2015, Zajil had more than 10 service locations and was the first privately-owned company in Saudi Arabia to be licensed for postal delivery service. Zajil purchased Hat International (HATEX) the following year and expanded its operations into line hauling, heavy shipping, and other B2B services. 

In 2018, Zajil had over 100 sites and was covering new milestones of 115,000 shipments per month with a fleet of 126 couriers covering 80 destinations. Last-mile Delivery (LMD) for B2C customers and door-to-door service was also launched that year.

By 2020, Zajil was shipping on average 416,000 packages each month to 279 destinations. The company provided fulfillment services (tailored for e-commerce customers) and expanded its operations to China, the UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the United States.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the rapid growth continued in 2021. Zajil made over 20,000 deliveries (600,000+ per month) to over 7 million consumers. The same year, new shipping and logistics services such as fulfillment and air freight forwarding were introduced. 

In a Nutshell 

Zajil Express is one of the largest shipping and delivery networks in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It has a wide network of partners and branches across the country and provides various services, including express delivery, airfreight, and logistics. 

Zajil Express is committed to providing its customers with best-in-class freight management solutions. It has a team of experienced and professional staff who are always ready to help with inquiries or requests. Moreover, the company offers various value-added services such as insurance and tracking to ensure that your packages are always safe and secure. Whether you’re shipping personal belongings or commercial goods, Zajil Express is the perfect partner for all your shipping needs.