Beliked becomes Conpac

The re-branding of the Beliked company led by Marco Valentinsig has been announced, which will now be called Conpac. The re-branding, announced in October in order to start the new year with a company more in line with the market’s marketing objectives. Conpac will be focused on brand reputation and all the services aimed at helping companies grow from an identity point of view.

And it is in the name of the company that its value lies, the entire team together with all the partners involved will move entirely and this is why it was decided to give substance to the re-branding. A new name which is also accompanied by a renewed logo that expresses the concept in graphics: a letter C with a counter at zero symbolizes the entry of a new company to arrive at the last letter C with a counter at maximum and over revs, as a symbol of performance that the company is able to achieve.

“The company is constantly growing and evolving – we read in the note sent by the owner to announce the new name –, this important step tells of the desire to dedicate its own space and independence to each individual brand so that it can develop freely, maintaining its identity intact, while benefiting from a system of internal marketing synergies linked to the territory”.