Kathryne Mejias’ Born For More: A Vogue of Inner Empowerment

In a world fixated on beauty and glamour, Kathryne Mejias stands as a living testament to the profound reality that true transformation transcends mere appearances. Her journey, unfolding against the backdrop of a successful fashion career, led to the creation of the Born For More brand—a testament to her unwavering commitment to empowering women from within, instilling the confidence and self-belief necessary for enduring impact.

As the assistant creative director for a renowned women’s wear brand, Kathryne Mejias contributed to a groundbreaking fashion campaign celebrating women of all ages. Beyond the runway, the campaign extended its reach to those in need, partnering with charities supporting women in shelters and facing financial hardships. Kathryne’s role went beyond fashion; she welcomed and assisted these remarkable women in selecting clothing that resonated with their preferences.

The transformative power of this experience became evident as Kathryne witnessed the radiant glow emanating from within these women, underscoring the importance of both external and internal transformation. This realization spurred her to organize events with a battered women’s shelter in Hamilton, Ontario, rallying support from clothing companies, makeup artists, photographers, and motivational speakers to uplift these women’s spirits.


However, it was during this journey that a profound insight struck her—the external transformation was crucial, but addressing the inner transformation was equally essential. This realization laid the foundation for the Born For More brand. Kathryne understood that by shifting internal vibrations, profound changes could be manifested externally. Her journey had uniquely prepared her to be a beacon of hope for women seeking a deeper transformation.

Kathryne Mejia’s own life was marked by patterns of self-doubt and low self-esteem, despite outward beauty and confidence. Her participation in the Miss Canada pageant, representing Miss Quebec, revealed a deep-seated fear of judgment and a struggle with public speaking. Recognizing her own patterns became a turning point, empowering her to step out of her comfort zone and excel in areas of previous inadequacy.

The allure of the fashion industry, despite its surface glamour, did not align with Kathryne’s soul’s purpose, leaving her feeling drained. Her experiences extended beyond fashion, encompassing struggles with self-worth, unfulfilling careers, and relationships mirroring her doubts and insecurities. Attempting to fill the void with material possessions, she realized her true quest was to reconnect with her authenticity.

This realization ignited a determined effort to shed layers of inauthenticity accumulated over the years, leading to a journey of self-discovery, introspection, and empowerment. Kathryne emerged as a living testament to the transformative power of inner growth, embodying the core message of Born For More—a commitment to helping women unlock their inner potential and live authentically.

Kathryne Mejias, beyond being the founder of Born For More, epitomizes the brand’s message—that everyone is “Born for More.” Her journey serves as a guiding light for those seeking to reclaim their inner power and rewrite their life’s narrative. In her words, “Believe in yourself, choose yourself, and know you were Born for more—all you have to do is embrace that possibility.”