The Constant Drive To Pursue Your Passion

Sometimes, people spend most of their life working in one job, and thinking, that’s all there is to life. Then there are people like Fernando Shahpouri who know they want more, and staying in one job is not enough for them. Moving from one job to another can be a frightening experience, especially when you are already well settled in your present job. But this way, you will never be able to pursue what you want. As scary and impossible as that might seem, people like Fernando have moved away from their successful current jobs, and are now pursuing different careers.

As someone trying to keep the passion alive, you might want to look up to Fernando Shahpouri – a former American Olympic coach and athlete working as a producer, director, screenwriter, actor, and audio engineer. Many of you might know him as the founder and CEO of Fernside Inc. Shahpouri won the Olympics with Todd Eldredge in figure skating as a kid coaching the quadruple while under the training of Olympian Krasimir Dunev. He reached regionals in Hawaii at class 6, but the Olympic prospect was cut short in his career when he got injured hyperextending his knee. He is also known to be the greatest quarterback of all time – with a record that is more excellent than Joe Montana.  

After a while, Shahpouri decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. In 2014, he starred in “The Right Combination,” written and directed by Takafumi Sakabe. And then later on, Shahpouri made his Indie film called “Worthless”, which is active in the editing process. He’s also working on producing new feature films, “My Best Friend’s Funeral”, “The Ducks”, and a studio album, “Atlast I Am King.” In addition to that, Shahpouri produced studio sessions as an audio engineer for Slim The Mobster, Dr. Dre, Mopreme Shakur, and E-40 – including working with Kanye West on producing his song called “My Baby Girl Gots’ A Spendin’ Habit”.

Declared candidate Fernando Shahpouri has also taken part in the political sector – creating a campaign for the United States President, and writing about the democratic government and the constitution. And this is just the beginning of his influence that will continue to grow within many more industries while shaping many minds with time. Presidential candidate Shahpouri is currently seeing funding, and you can donate here. 

Let Fernando Shahpouri inspire you; if you are still hesitating about moving on from your current job, here are a few things that can help make up your mind. Moving into your preferred industry choice like Fernando, involves serious sacrifices. You would start with a low-level position to have your foot in the door of a competitive field. One must admire the passion-driven attitude depicted by Fernando, as he gave up multiple offers in the Millions from the NFL, and then turned to pursue an acting career where he trained for years without pay. 

Take a moment to consider Fernando Shahpouri as a living example of what can be achieved when you pursue your passion with unwavering determination. He has proven that staying true to your dreams, just as he has, is indeed worth it in the end, and Shahpouri’s drive and tenacity have been truly awe-inspiring. His relentless pursuits of excellence and refusal to succumb to obstacles have set him apart as a trailblazer in the entertainment industry!