3 Ways Melanie Avalon Achieved Her Dream To Become A Successful Podcaster

While influencer life may look glamorous, it’s arguably far from “easy.” People look up to you, depend on you for various needs, and follow your every move. Melanie Avalon, an actress-author-podcaster-biohacker-turned-influencer, shares how she’s been so successful in accomplishing her goals.

1. Constant struggle to learn

As a biohacker, Melanie never stops seeking out new ideas. Every tool, technique, or tip she shares, is a part of her personal experience. She tries and tests every idea on herself, before sharing her insights with her audience. She constantly strives to consume content and learn, not only to satisfy her own curiosity, but more importantly, so that she can share her findings with others. “I love seeking knowledge. A large portion of my day is reading and researching. I just feel like there is so much to know in the world, and so little time,” she says. Melanie is passionate about helping others re-energize their life, which enables her to build trust and loyalty among her audience. 

2. Partnering with brands

Melanie only personally endorses brands after extensively evaluating them, which helps cultivate trust with her audience. She shares the science behind the products, as well as her personal experience, on her various platforms – including her blog, instagram, and podcasts. “I am extremely picky in my recommendations, and extensively vet all the brands I work with. So many brands reach out, wanting to work with me, but I only partner with those that I truly love,” she says. Some of these brands include Joovv red and near infrared devices, which use light to help reduce muscle soreness, enhance skin, and regulate circadian rhythm; BluBlox blue-light blocking glasses that help combat stress and support sleep; InsideTracker, which analyses blood tests and provides personalized dietary and lifestyle recommendations to lower one’s “inner age”;and Butcher Box, that directly connect consumers to sustainable farmers for grass-fed, pastured, organic,and wild-caught meat and seafood. 

3. Engaging with experts

Melanie loves interacting with the world’s top health experts, researchers, and doctors, learning all she can from them, and then helping synthesize and share the often extremely complex information with her audience. Having had many of these figures on her podcasts, Melanie has become personal friends with many of them. She’s interviewed the likes of Robb Wolf (NYT Bestselling author of The Paleo Solution), Dave Asprey (NYT Bestselling author of the Bulletproof Diet), James Nestor (NYT Bestselling author of Breath), Wim Hof (NYT Bestselling author of The Wim Hof Method), as well as esteemed researchers such as David Sinclair, Dr. Robert Lustig, and James Clement. All of these people have shared their expertise and experiences on her platform, so that her followers can benefit from their insight.