60-year-old Oakland County Man Wins About $1Million in Online Lottery Prize

A 60-year-old Oakland County man has won nearly $1 Million from an online lottery ticket out of surprise and this jackpot win has completely changed his life. He happened to match the Fantasy 5 numbers of 2-4-27-29-33 and registered a huge win. On realizing his winning, the man contacted the Michigan lottery commission to inform about the same.

After winning the huge amount of money, the old man expressed his happiness in a simple manner and didn’t get excited too much. On asking about his plans on winning the lottery amount, he expressed that there will not be much change in his life. Further, he added that he will simply utilize his winnings in paying bills and bolstering his savings for the retirement period.

“I woke up in the middle of the night and decided to check my numbers,” said the 60-year-old player told the lottery commission. “When I saw I was the winner, I couldn’t believe it. There was no going back to sleep for me.” “Winning won’t change me or how I live, but retirement is going to come a little sooner now,” the player said.

The Fantasy ticket cost him $1 and he bought it from only the lottery platform instead of going for the offline mode. Well, he is not the first man to win a huge amount of lottery money over recent times. A Virginia-based man also managed to win a huge amount of money just from his gift ticket. He had never played the lottery before and he won $1Million from the lottery ticket he received as a gift.

It has been seen that such cases of unexpected huge wins are rising continuously and it is triggering hope among the people to win a huge amount from the lottery. And because of this, a rise in the participation in the lottery games has been seen in many survey results. As per the survey results from many online platforms, it has been found that the value of online lottery platforms has been rising exponentially and it allows more people to take part in the online lottery games.

Local stores are making a lot of profit by selling online lottery tickets and it has simply become possible because of the mobile revolution as well as the increasing digitization across the world. Even young people are making a lot of investments in the online lottery world in order to win a huge amount into their pockets. And they also search for data HK on a large scale to check about their winnings from lottery investment. A recent survey report has highlighted that there will be a huge hike in the number of people investing their money in online lotteries.