A Business Man to Entrepreneur- Ahmed Khalfan Yasin

Dubai is often called one of the world’s most happening cities, evidenced by the millions of tourists it attracts every year. It’s also known for record-breaking, man-made wonders that often appear to have little business in the mundane realities of physics. As such, this boggling city is always generating hype and many visitors and celebrities come to unwind and spend time in the UAE.

Ahmed Khalfan Yasin owner of MK Fashion Brands and MK Barbershop is a global concierge, lifestyle specialist, and entrepreneur. When American Actor Gary Dourdan, came to Dubai Khalfan an Emirati native took the gent under his wing. On a task to really the American actor into a culture that he has never experienced before.

From taking the actor to get style and trimmed at MK barbershop, to experiencing Arabic cava, and to having a true unique Emirati lunch Ahmed Khalfan had it covered a true lifestyle specialist of his country.

Yasin made sure that Gary had his own story to tell upon leaving the UAE. Just not any story one that was going to be full of culture and true style and elegance. These are just some instances of how Khalfan enables his narrative of the #AKLifeStyle to be told.