Amanda Bonnell’s CAP$ULE Helps Female Entrepreneurs Be Wealthier

According to her website, Amanda Bonell speaks about giving a high-touch transformational growthology. Organizing private sessions, Amanda is ensuring that women entrepreneurs reach their much desired wealth. It’s seen as a difficult task to further grow to be in a 7 figure game.

Amanda is looking for passionate women who are looking at growing to a 7 figure. Her motivational process has a programme in place. She aims at providing holistic help in this regard.

According to Amanda her 7 figure growth capsule has the potential of taking people to places they have never been to. Amanda is keen on connecting with women on her social media. She aims at connecting with women with goals and helping them achieve faster.

Her podcast RUNWAY 2 Inspire is about the same. Her capsule program can be reached on website She’s available on all major social media platforms like instagram, facebook, twitter, Tik Tok and Youtube to name a few. Her goal is to ensure that your business reaches a 10 million mark or even more. Being a growth oriented person herself she is constantly looking at expanding the growth universe for her clients. Her process is so much.

On her website Amanda explains that a business owner must see the business as an F1 race. The components of the business, according to Amanda, are similar to an F1 machine. Interestingly, in this F1 machine, according to Amanda, the gas is the SEO driven ad campaign.

The shiny outside of the machine is the platform. She starts with first identifying the goals and what is to be done. Then a proper blueprint for success is made. This is then applied to ensure that her clients earn the desired amount.

Instagram: @amanda.bonnell 

Podcast:  RUNWAY 2 Inspire, by Amanda Bonnell

CAP$ULE program: