Artist You Need To Know: P Double is Becoming a World Class Entertainer

P Double is a young, motivated artist who actually started his journey in the music space not by making music, but rather by entering into the dance world at a very young age.

Through dance, P Double talks about becoming accustomed to traveling around the nation and showcasing his talents to a variety of audiences. When we spoke to him, he told us that the stage had become his place of comfort and serenity; but he knew his talents would be destined for more.

Shortly thereafter, P Double would uncover his passion for music and having the ability to express himself fully as an independent artist.

The young talented artist made the jump from dance to music fully when he released his first single onto iTunes in 2009.

P Double was already used to performing in front of crowds and attendances ranging from 50 to 15,000 due to his dance career; it became clear that stage presence is not something that is unfamiliar to P Double.

When we asked about how his professional dance career and the transition to music, P Double had this to say:

My future as a world class entertainer was no longer an unobtainable fantasy. I was gaining experience and building confidence while beginning to envision my destiny.

For his listeners, fans, and over 20,000 followers from all over the world, it’s certainly clear that P Double was born to be a serious force in the music world.

Whether it be his aura, sound, style, or vibe, very few passionately talented artists like P Double simply just have a certain type of star power that becomes evident when you’re listening to his music or hearing him speak.

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