Clothing Line: Mistakes to Avoid When Making Your Clothing Label Purchase

There’s a lot that goes into starting your own clothing line. Everything from major details like determining your ideal customer and marketing down to minor details like clothing label design and color choice. Unfortunately, those “minor” details that designers think are minor, play a significant role in the success of their clothing line.

One of the major “minor” details that oftentimes get overlooked is the clothing label. Designers tend to look at clothing labels as one of the last aspects of their clothing line that needs consideration. What they feel to realize is that their clothing labels are a direct reflection of their brand and play a significant role in raising brand awareness.

In your efforts to raise brand awareness outside of digital marketing efforts, clothing label companies like Wunderlabel give you the opportunity to customize your labels, choose between a variety of different materials, and raise brand awareness through your custom-designed labels. And ultimately, making your brand recognizable through all marketing efforts is the goal.

Unfortunately, there are mistakes that designers make in the purchasing process of their clothing labels. According to, these types of mistakes are a result of the lack of industry knowledge and understanding designers have… that should really make you question if the fashion industry is really right for you.

Whether you’re starting a clothing line or already have one, take a look at some mistakes to avoid when purchasing your clothing label.

Clothing Label Purchase Mistakes to Avoid

Not Having Multiple Suppliers to Choose From

Just as with any business, you need to make sure you have a list of reputable clothing label suppliers to choose from. This is something you don’t want to wait until the last minute to do, either. But again, because designers look at clothing labels as a minor detail, they don’t realize that they’re one of the biggest considerations in starting your own fashion brand.

Take the time out to research reputable clothing label companies out there that will be able to bring your brand to life through your label. Again, Wunderlabel is a great company that will help you bring your brand vision to life.

Not Ordering Extra Labels

When ordering labels, you’re going to have options for different quantities of labels to order. One thing to understand is that you never want to buy exactly how much you need but to always order extra. Clothing labels can be used for a multitude of different reasons so there’s no harm in having extra for when you may need them.

Not Asking For Label Samples

The truth of the matter is that if you don’t look at various samples from different companies, you’re more than likely going to receive labels that aren’t reflective of exactly what you want, therefore, you need to always ask for samples before committing to a purchase. When asking for samples, make sure to also ask for samples in different materials like damask, leather, or satin to see how your design looks on those materials.

Not Thoroughly Analyzing the Digital Proof

When you order labels, the company you order from will always send you a digital proof for your review. It’s up to you to analyze the proof to see if it meets your satisfaction. To really get a good look at the proof, you can actually print the proof in the scale size 11 to see the label in the size that’s relatively close to the actual size of the label. By printing out the proof, you’ll be better able to see if it’s what you want.

Not Giving Your Order Enough Time to Arrive

It’s always a safe bet to place your label orders at least two weeks in advance to ensure they arrive to you on time, when you need them. There are all kinds of potential mail delays that could happen… Holidays, inclement weather, and your order simply getting lost in the mail could slow down your product production.


In closing, the clothing labels you choose play a much bigger role in the success of your clothing line than you think. Your clothing labels need to reflect your brand and be able to withstand daily wear without falling apart. By implementing these clothing label mistakes to avoid, you’ll be able to add that last finishing touch to your garments with your branded vision.

Just be sure to find a reputable clothing label company that will be able to make your clothing label vision a reality.