Dr. Steven Cyr Formulated CYRxMD Nutrition With Focus On Internal Wellbeing

The doctor with rare knowledge of Spine and Cosmetology has created CYRx MD Nutrition parallel to his medical skincare line, CYRx MD Skincare. Dr. Steven Cyr firmly believes nutrition is an extension of skincare. If one is nutritionally deprived they can only dream of perfect skin. Good nutrition is the key to good skin combined with the right skincare.

Skincare starts from the inside out, thus CYRx MD Nutrition is aiming at playing a pivotal role in giving your body the best nutrition and making your skin perfect. Dr. Cyr has been a lifelong athlete and is passionate about fitness, let alone have a degree in cosmetology, thus he felt he needed to share all his knowledge acquired with the people of the world.

Proper nutrition is the key to being and staying healthy. With the right medicines, nutrition and the right kind of exercise that does not cause injuries, a person can remain fit all along their life. Dr. Cyr himself is a body builder who has maintained a healthy physical fitness even at the age of 49.

Dr. Steven Cyr says that his nutrition/supplement line, CYRx MD Nutrition, is crafted to focus on building fitness from within as what goes inside is seen outside. The doctor wants to nurture people with the correct understanding of nutrition, fitness and exercise through his vastly accumulated knowledge on the subject of spine, cosmetology and bodybuilding. With his new line of nutrition accompanied his massively loved skincare line people will be able to tap the scientific perspective of nutrition and build better bodies.